• November 2019

BlueDental: The value of visiting an in-network dentist

Do your employees understand how seeing an in-network dentist can translate into valuable cost savings?

BCBSND has partnered with United Concordia Dental (UCD) to offer dental plans that are unique to our company and offer your employees broad access to dental care. UCD works with in-network dentists to negotiate discounted fees. In-network dentists have agreed to accept these fees as payment in full for covered services (not including any required coinsurances and deductibles, which can vary based upon plan selection). However, non-network dentists can bill for the difference between their charges and UCD’s negotiated fees, also known as “balance billing.”

Finding an in-network dentist is now easier than ever. UCD’s network has tripled in size and now includes more than 280 dentists in North Dakota! In fact, UCD’s Advantage Plus network ranks #1 in network size in our state. Their network also includes general dentists, oral surgeons, orthodontists, pediatric dentists, endodontists and prosthodontists. This ultimately means enhanced access to the dental care your employees need.

Encourage your employees to visit an in-network dentist to ensure they get the most out of their dental benefits. To locate an in-network dentist or sign in to their member account, they can go to www.bcbsnd.com.