• July 2019

Enrollment and billing reminders

To help make sure the administration and billing on your group health, dental or vision plans goes smoothly now that we’ve gone through systems and operational updates, here are some helpful reminders.

If you have changes in your staff who handle signing BCBSND contracts, billing statements or questions related to your BCBSND account, please inform your BCBSND representative.

For employee address or name changes, please email: enrollment.changes@bcbsnd.com.

When enrolling employees, remember that effective dates of coverage can only be the 1st or 16th of a month following the full-time hire date and satisfying any probation period you may have set. Some employers allow 1st of month enrollment only. For other changes that may happen throughout the year, refer to the enrollment guidelines.

When canceling coverage for someone on your BCBSND health, dental or vision plan, the cancel date should be the first day the employee no longer has coverage, so the termination date falls within contract terms.

Two examples of cancellations:

  • If employment terminates on the 5th of a month, the last day of coverage can be the 15th of the month, so the cancel date is the 16th.
  • If employment terminates on the 22nd of the month, the last day of coverage would be the last day of that month, so the cancel date is the 1st of the following month.

For questions or adjustments to your billing statement, please email: billing.inquiries@bcbsnd.com.

Remember, enrollment forms should always to be sent to your BCBSND representative, not to either of these email addresses.