Integrating medical benefits with pharmacy coverage enhances employees’ care

Man consulting pharmacist at a pharmacy

BCBSND and our partner, Prime Therapeutics, are using the power of integrated medical and pharmacy data to innovate across the health system. This provides real-world insights resulting in higher quality care, delivered in a cost-effective manner, with ease of administration. Here are some of the innovative programs on which we have aligned with Prime this year.

This program applies machine learning analytics to integrated medical and pharmacy claims data, resulting in drug therapy optimization opportunities. These savings opportunities are worked by specialized pharmacists within the Blue Plan or in collaboration with Blue Plans through outreach to prescribers. This program is offered to clients at no additional cost.

This new clinically integrated program streamlines the treatment for members who are fighting cancer so they can now receive their oral oncolytic and companion medications in the clinical setting directly from their oncologist’s clinic or affiliated hospital pharmacy. This program will be available to all clients at no additional cost starting January 1, 2023.

This Amazon Pharmacy Home Delivery offering provides a seamless experience for managing and ordering home delivery prescriptions. The built-in MedsYourWay drug discount card finds the lowest price during checkout through Amazon Pharmacy.

Amazon Pharmacy with MedsYourWay also integrates members’ plan information. Unlike other discount cards, purchases using the MedsYourWay drug discount card may accumulate toward out-of-pocket maximums and deductibles for covered drugs.

Your home delivery service will switch from Express Scripts Home Delivery to Amazon Pharmacy Home Delivery on your 2023 renewal date.

Want to learn more?
To learn more about the Prime and BCBSND integration story and the new programs for 2023, contact your BCBSND representative.