Is NextBlue a good fit for your Company?

Is your organization satisfied with your retiree health care plan? Are you considering offering a retiree plan? Are your retirees satisfied with your retiree health care plan? You may want to check into NextBlue of North Dakota Medicare Advantage plans at

✔ History of trustworthy coverage for local businesses

Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota (BCBSND) formed NextBlue of North Dakota in order to deliver affordable, best-in-class Medicare Advantage products and services to North Dakota seniors. It can provide opportunities for employers to reduce retiree health care expenditures while offering benefits and preventive services that encourage Medicare-eligible retirees to maintain their overall health and well-being.

✔ Built by North Dakotans for North Dakotans

NextBlue was developed to meet the unique needs of our very rural state. It offers medical and prescription drug coverage, plus supplemental benefits for hearing, vision and dental services; credit for over-the-counter medications; and a fitness club membership—all benefits to encourage retirees to stay healthy and active. NextBlue’s solid benefits have enabled it to expand its coverage area to 40 counties in North Dakota.

✔ Use your suitcase, keep your benefits

Snowbirds who seek warmer climates in the winter will have the same coverage out-of-state as they do in-state. And NextBlue members have benefits for urgent/emergent care when traveling worldwide.

✔ Reach out to your BCBSND representative

Depending on the size of the employer, NextBlue could offer a standard plan design or even customize a plan for you. If the employer decides not to sponsor a plan, they can certainly encourage their retirees to reach out to NextBlue/BCBSND for assistance in enrolling in their own individual Medicare Advantage plan.

For additional information on this health-focused opportunity for your retirees, please reach out to your BCBSND representative.