Paper enrollment reminder

For more timely and accurate paper enrollment, remember to check—and double check—your group number(s). Not sure what it is? Simply reach out to your BCBSND representative.

Explanation of Benefits (EOB) answers

We’re often asked what we do with EOBs. Here are answers to clarify:

Zero-dollar EOBs (this is when the insured has no financial liability)

  • We only create a digital copy, which is stored in the member portal and available to the member
  • We do not mail out a paper copy of this type of EOB

All other EOBs

  • We mail a paper copy to show claims processed
  • Members can switch to paperless EOBs via the member portal so they no longer receive paper or email EOBs
  • Prescription EOBs are viewable only in the member portal
  • We no longer mail paper copies of quarterly Rx summaries

To get EOBs without portal access, members may contact Member Services. The phone number for Member Services is located on the back of their BCBSND ID card.