Streamline COBRA enrollments for secure coverage

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Starting June 1, we’re implementing a new requirement for employees transitioning to COBRA coverage. In the past, employees could transition from active coverage to COBRA coverage via email. However, this approach caused issues such as retro cancellation requests.

We recommend clients now cancel employees from active coverage and re-enroll them using an enrollment application. This process will help ensure employees are accurately covered and will help keep premiums affordable.

What if a client has a COBRA administrator? 
If a client has a COBRA administrator, we will accept their current enrollment forms. We would not require the administrator to submit enrollment applications. 

What happens if an application is not received after 6/1/2023?
If a request to move a member to COBRA is received and an application is not included, the request may be returned asking for an application. 

Can COBRA enrollments still be done in the Employer Portal? 
Yes, clients can still enter their COBRA enrollments in the employer portal under the applicable COBRA group number. It is still recommended that the client receives an application (for auditing purposes) from the employee to ensure the information being entered is accurate for COBRA coverage.