Vaccination key to ending pandemic

Ending the COVID-19 pandemic means using all the tools available. Wearing masks, hand-washing and distancing are helpful, but they aren’t enough to get us safely to herd immunity—when 85% of people are immune. The fastest way back to normal is with vaccinations. 

Free for BCBSND members
BCBSND is dedicated to improving access—therefore, we have eliminate member cost sharing and deductibles for the COVID-19 vaccine 

Who should get the vaccine?
Both the CDC and local experts recommend all North Dakotans get vaccinated, even those who are not part of at-risk groups and those who have already had COVID-19. Doing so ensures the safety of high-risk individuals who are unable to get vaccinated.

All North Dakotans are currently eligible to receive the vaccine.

To find a North Dakota vaccination location, visit If you have questions about whether you should receive the vaccine, talk to your physician.