Best Ways to Encourage Preventive Care Among Employees

A woman visiting with a doctor

Preventive care is covered in nearly all health insurance plans and includes things like cancer screenings, immunizations and routine checkups. Currently though, only 8% of Americans get routine preventive screenings.

Many employers look for ways to promote preventive care across their organizations:

  • Recognize that time away from work is a concern. Provide team members with wellness time to attend preventive care appointments.
  • Make participation in screenings easier by bringing health care providers to the workplace.
  • Gather and share compelling stories about using preventive care. Many use screenings and lab results to get ahead of diseases.
  • Create a proactive communications strategy to stay in front of employees about the importance of preventive care.
  • Direct employees to health management tools that include an online wellness center, budget and financial tools, online behavioral health therapy and more.
  • Show what’s available for each stage of life through the BCBSND preventive care tool.

Companies with higher rates of chronic conditions see more missed workdays, lower morale and higher turnover.

The costs of avoidable chronic conditions quickly add up and eventually increase insurance premiums for everyone.

For ideas on how to help your company get started promoting preventive care, contact your BCBSND sales representative or the BCBSND Wellness team here

*Source: National Institutes of Health