Gain Confidence with COBRA Administration

Woman with laptop in kitchen and bill in hand

Employers who choose to administer COBRA in-house for their employees can do so confidently with tools and information from BCBSND. 

If your organization employs 20 or more people, you likely know federal law requires you to offer continued coverage to those who lose benefits because of termination, reduction in hours or a change in their family status. The law is known as COBRA, or the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act.

As is the case in complying with any federal law, requirements are prescribed and organizations that don’t comply are at risk of penalties. That’s enough to drive some organizations to outsource COBRA administration. But others manage COBRA within their organization.

If you fall into the latter category of managing COBRA in-house, BCBSND has resources—and people—to help you navigate COBRA administration on your own. These resources will give you practical help and provide peace of mind.

  • Download the COBRA Compliance Guidelines, a quick-view reference on what notices to send, when to send them and who to send them to.
  • Your BCBSND account executive can answer questions and provide tools you need to confidently administer COBRA. 
  • The U.S. government provides helpful materials, too. Your account executive can steer you to the right resources for your specific need. 

Download the one-page quick-view