Personal health snapshot

Personal data is the best place to begin in setting and achieving wellness goals. HealthyBlue helps employees know where they stand.

HealthyBlue tools housed within the online Member Services portal under the Wellness tab.

Health Assessment

In just minutes, the Health Assessment gives you a snapshot of overall health and fitness. It's a simple annual quiz about current health and lifestyle habits that results in a suggested action plan and helps personalize an individual's HealthyBlue experience.

Personal Health Record

This tool allows users to store, maintain, track and manage their health information in one centralized, private and secure location. Data seamlessly connects throughout the entire wellness solution, including the Health Assessment, Digital Health Assistant and Coaching.

This area also allows users to add relevant information to support their care and communicate with health care professionals.

Device and App Connection Center

More than half of people who own wearable health and fitness devices stop using them. Why?

Most wearables deliver numbers out of context, and raw data is hard to translate into action. The Device and App Connection Center bridges the gap, connecting wearables, scales, apps and more with an easy-to-understand dashboard that tracks key health and well-being indicators.