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Health & Wellness Programs—Keep Your Good Health

Good health is a gift, so how do you hang onto it? BCBSND provides tools and resources for managing your own health. And we provide some incentives for doing so.


Health Club Credit

Online Health Assessment

HealthyBlue Online Wellness Center

Worksite Wellness

Prenatal Plus

Text4baby Pregnancy Tips

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Condition/Disease Management 

If you've been diagnosed with a disease or chronic condition, you'll appreciate some extra help in managing your health. Check out these health & wellness programs designed to slow the progression of your condition and help you navigate the health care system.


Rare and Complex Disease Management

Member Advocacy Program

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Get the kids moving at home, or help put Recess Yes in your child's school.

Walk This Way walkers undeterred by chilly temps

More than 60 area walkers and employees were undeterred by 25-degree temperatures in their 1.1-mile walk.