Member Services Representatives unavailable May 27

Our member services representatives will not be available Monday, May 27, due to the holiday.

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COVID-19 Extended Coverage

BCBSND has extended coverage for these services through August 31, 2020:

  • COVID-19 testing
    • BCBSND will waive:
      • Out-of-pocket costs for medically necessary laboratory COVID-19 testing for all members—that includes co-pays, deductibles and co-insurance.
      • Cost-shares for an in-network provider office visit, urgent care center visit, pre-operative visit and an emergency room visit when testing for COVID-19.
  • COVID-19 treatment
    • BCBSND will waive out-of-pocket costs for the treatment of COVID-19, including hospital stays and outpatient treatment. This applies to fully insured members and self-funded plans that have opted in.
  • Early prescription refills
    • BCBSND is allowing pharmacies to refill prescriptions earlier than typically allowed, and most plans allow members to fill maintenance medications for up to a 90-day supply through local or mail-order pharmacies.
  • Telehealth
    • BCBSND is waiving cost-shares on telehealth visits for all services (not just COVID-19 related visits) when members seek care from in-network providers or our telehealth provider, Amwell. This service is available to all BCBSND members.