Jump start—or recharge—your workplace wellness program

Learn from experts who've been down the path you're on. 

Worksite Wellness Summit

This semi-annual event brings workplace wellness enthusiasts together with experts in various aspects of health and well-being. No two Summits are alike, but they'll always send you away with new vigor for your well-being efforts in the workplace.

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Gearing Up Training

How can you go from offering no wellness program—or a mediocre one—to infusing well-being and vitality throughout your organization? This training will show you how. It’s based on 10 proven steps outlined by Laura Putnam in her book, "Workplace Wellness that Works."

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Who should attend?

  • HR professionals
  • Managers/owners of a business of any size
  • Staff who are interested in employee health and well-being
  • Health care professionals
  • Anyone working in wellness or health promotion