A traditional plan for more predictable health care costs

Plan features

Preventive services are covered with no deductible or copay. Beyond that, BlueCare members pay a set copayment for doctor, chiropractor, therapy and prescriptions and a percentage of inpatient/outpatient hospitalization costs. 

In addition to health care coverage, BlueCare includes HealthyBlue online wellness center with powerful tools employees can use to manage their health and well-being.

Plan highlights

  • A traditional health care plan
  • Opportunities to adjust employee contributions and cost-sharing amounts
  • Employees pay a set cost for most office visits
  • Preventive coverage with no deductible or copay
  • Plans include HealthyBlue online wellness center, powered by WebMD

Amounts indicated are your share of the medical expenses.

Additional information

2024 BlueCare Brochure