Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota and NextBlue of North Dakota launch Mobile Outreach Services

Mobile Outreach Services Van

Mobile Outreach Services will improve access to care for Medicaid Expansion and Medicare Advantage members throughout North Dakota

Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota (BCBSND) and NextBlue of North Dakota (NextBlue), in partnership with Arkos Health, are launching Mobile Outreach Services throughout the state of North Dakota. These vans will serve Medicaid Expansion (ME) and NextBlue Medicare Advantage (NextBlue) members to enhance care coordination and support for members who may need assistance with their health care needs.

“We're very excited to offer an additional option to reach our members through the launch of Mobile Outreach Services, in partnership with our care support team,” said Stacie Heiden, BCBSND Executive Vice President of Government Markets. “By visiting communities across the state, members will have a convenient and confidential place to seek support for their health care needs.”

Transportation, education, and economic stability are just a few of the barriers people face when trying to acquire and understand health care. By offering services at the Mobile Outreach Services in a local setting, members can access the support and resources they might not otherwise receive. It is a unique way to meet members in their community and fill in care gaps for underserved populations.

Support provided at the Mobile Outreach Services include:

  • Promoting health and wellness through screenings and education.
  • Helping members understand what services Arkos Health can provide.
  • Assessing the member’s needs and facilitating care coordination.
  • Linking members to community resources and helpful services.

The Mobile Outreach Services are an extension of the care support services BCBSND and NextBlue are providing ME and MA members. The vans will provide a safe and private place for members to get connected with resources available to them.

Through these resources, one member was able to catch a heart issue during a health assessment and was referred to a new primary care provider (PCP) since their previous PCP retired. Thanks to their new PCP, the member was immediately scheduled for a life-saving surgery that fixed a potentially fatal artery blockage.

“Now the member rests a little easier knowing they are taking steps toward a healthier life,” said Heiden. “They know that thanks to these extra steps of care coordination, they have more time to share with friends and family.”

BCBSND services the Medicaid Expansion health insurance program for the state of North Dakota, which provides greater coverage to low-income adults. Mobile Outreach Services will be serving members by visiting both city and rural areas throughout the state.

BCBSND and NextBlue’s partnership with Arkos Health does not compete with providers’ case management teams. The Arkos partnership is set up to further assist those case management teams and collaborate with them. Similarly, the Mobile Outreach Services are not replacing provider visits but rather strive to help support members to get connected to resources and services.