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BlueCard® Program

BlueCard® is a national program that enables members to get health care services while traveling or living in another Blue plan service area.

It uses a single claims processing and reimbursement network to link independent Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) plans and providers. As a Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota (BCBSND) provider, the BlueCard program allows you to submit claims locally for visiting Blue plan members.

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As a provider, there are three main responsibilities when participating in the BlueCard program, which include:

  • View the member insurance ID card
  • Verify eligibility and benefits
  • Submit BlueCard claims electronically according to the appropriate guidelines

Note: Medicaid Expansion information may vary due to the type of product.

Additional information such as how the program works, how to file claims and contiguous county guidelines, can be found in the section BlueCard Program within the provider manuals.

How to Identify BlueCard Members

When out-of-area BCBS members arrive at your office or facility, be sure to ask them for their current membership ID card. The two main identifiers for BlueCard members are the prefix and a “suitcase” logo, reference provider manual(s) for specifics.

How to Verify BlueCard Member Eligibility and Benefits

Call the Provider Service phone number on the back of the members ID card or utilize the BlueCard Eligibility Line at 800‑676‑BLUE (2583) to be directed to the correct plan to verify eligibility and benefits.

When contacting the BlueCard Eligibility Line, use the phonetic alphabet when entering the alpha prefix, this will help ensure calls are routed to the correct plan.

BlueCard Coordination of Benefits (COB) Questionnaire

If a provider is aware of a member having additional coverage, they can utilize the
COB Questionnaire form located here.

Providers have the choice to:

  • Instruct the member to submit the form to their local home plan; or
  • The provider can submit the questionnaire to the local plan in which they provided services

BlueCard Glossary 

Defines terminology associated with the BlueCard program. More health insurance definitions such as deductible, can be found within the provider manual(s).