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Medicaid Expansion Program - Provider Information

BCBSND administers coverage for North Dakota’s Medicaid Expansion Program, which enables more people to access affordable coverage and preventive services.

While Medicaid Expansion builds on the success of traditional Medicaid, the benefits, systems and credentialing processes of the two programs may differ.

Provider credentialing

To be a provider in the North Dakota Medicaid Expansion Program, you must become credentialed with the State of North Dakota and BCBSND. 

Current BCBSND providers
The Provider Network team will reach out to BCBSND providers to get an addendum signed on their current contract for Medicaid Expansion. To request an addendum, send an email to prov.partners@bcbsnd.com. Existing providers with urgent questions about this process may email the Provider Network team at prov.net@bcbsnd.com.

New BCBSND providers
You can join the BCBSND network and become credentialed for the North Dakota Medicaid Expansion Program by applying to be a BCBSND provider.

Providers not enrolled with North Dakota Medicaid
If you are not a current BCBSND provider and want to be credentialed for Medicaid Expansion, you will need to enroll with the State of North Dakota and BCBSND.

1915(i) providers
Providers who deliver home- and community-based services to individuals with behavioral health conditions can enroll as a North Dakota Medicaid 1915(i) provider with the State of North Dakota.

Non-emergency medical transportation providers
Providers of non-emergency medical transportation can become credentialed for North Dakota Medicaid Expansion through the State of North State of North Dakota.

Meal and lodging providers
Providers of meals and lodging can become credentialed for North Dakota Medicaid Expansion through the State of North Dakota.

Medicaid Expansion resources

Medicaid Expansion provider manual
View the Provider Manual for Medicaid Expansion.

Taxonomy codes

Providers submitting claims for North Dakota Medicaid Expansion members must include a taxonomy code, a 10-character code that designates the provider’s classification and specialization.

View details about taxonomy codes from the State of North Dakota and the US Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

Patient eligibility and application
North Dakota residents can learn if they qualify for Medicaid Expansion and apply for coverage through the State of North Dakota’s Department of Human Services (DHS).

DHS also administers the retail outpatient pharmacy benefits. If you have questions about pharmacy benefits or covered drugs, please call 800-775-2604 (TTY: 711).

Member appeals
If you disagree with a BCBSND benefit determination, you may appeal the decision within 60 days.

Learn How to File an Appeal