BlueAlliance & BlueAlliance Care+

BlueAlliance and BlueAlliance Care+ are value-based programs that support the provider community in our collective efforts to deliver a sustainable, meaningful and reliable health care experience for your patients -- our members.

BlueAlliance is a primary-care based program for commercial BCBSND member population. 

BlueAlliance Care+ is a primary-care based program for Medicaid Expansion member population.

Built on 4 principles

Members first icon of a person in a circle

Members come first

Partnerships icon of three people

Deeper partnerships with providers

Pay Providers icon of a blue ribbon award

Pay providers for outcomes

Cost Drivers Icon with chart trending upward

Address key cost drivers

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Value-Based Program Resources

MedeWorks Access Request

BlueAlliance and BlueAlliance Care + programs, BCBSND provides access to the MedeWorks Dashboard.

Quality HEDIS Tip Sheets

HEDIS Tip Sheets have been developed to provide an overview of the specifications and criteria for the HEDIS measures. These tip sheets should be used as guide and do not include all measure specification details or codes. Final measure rates are based on the complete HEDIS technical specifications for the measure.

MedeWorks User Guide

Download or print the MedeWorks User Guide