Medicaid Expansion Provider Education

Want to Learn More?

Check out these educational videos to learn more about the BCBSND Medicaid Expansion plan and how we’re working and learning together to support enrolled North Dakotans.

Education for providers on eligibility, benefits and claim submission

Understand how to determine an enrolled BCBSND Medicaid Expansion Member and where to verify eligibility and benefits. Review the timely filing guidelines, claim submission and correction process of the BCBSND Medicaid Expansion program.

Provider education on Primary Care Provider (PCP), referrals, precertification, and policies

Learn about a Member’s Primary Care Provider (PCP) and the referrals process. Understand precertification, know when it is required and how to submit a precertification request. Find out where to access our BCBSND Medicaid Expansion medical and reimbursement policies.

Provider resources and support

Know where to find provider resources and support for general questions on the BCBSND Medicaid Expansion plan. General information like provider news, our provider manual, portal registration, policies and contact details are right here on our website.

Have claim or additional questions? Our Provider call center is here to support you.