Medicaid Expansion Provider Resources

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Medicaid Expansion provider manual
View the Provider Manual for Medicaid Expansion.

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Medicaid Expansion education
Watch educational videos to learn topics like eligibility, claim submission, Primary Care Provider (PCP), appeals and more.

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Medicaid Expansion ER Admission Notification
We are required by the state of North Dakota to contact all Medicaid Members within 72 hours of being discharged from the Emergency Room (ER). To assist us, please submit the attached form as soon as possible after discharge.

Note: if the Medicaid Member is admitted to the hospital, there is no need to submit a form.

Medicaid Expansion ER Admission Notification

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Medicaid Expansion Crisis Utilization
Providers delivering crisis services for Medicaid Expansion members must notify BCBSND by submitting the. member information and services provided through the Medicaid Expansion Crisis Utilization form.

Medicaid Expansion Crisis Utilization Form

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Precertification for Medicaid Expansion
Some services and equipment may require the ordering provider to obtain precertification.

Medicaid Expansion Precertification

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Taxonomy codes

Providers submitting claims for North Dakota Medicaid Expansion members must include a taxonomy code, a 10-character code that designates the provider’s classification and specialization.

View details about taxonomy codes from the State of North Dakota and the US Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

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Patient eligibility and application
North Dakota residents can learn if they qualify for Medicaid Expansion and apply for coverage through the State of North Dakota’s Department of Human Services (DHS).

DHS also administers the retail outpatient pharmacy benefits. If you have questions about pharmacy benefits or covered drugs, please call 800-775-2604 (TTY: 711).

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Member appeals
If you disagree with a BCBSND benefit determination, you may appeal the decision within 60 days.

Learn How to File an Appeal

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Medicaid Expansion Provider Dispute Form

  • This form is to be used to submit a Provider Dispute. The Provider Complaint system permits the submission of a dispute on BCBSND’s policies, procedures, or any aspect of BCBSND’s administrative functions, including proposed actions, claims/billing disputes, and service authorizations.
  • For any disputes not related to Medicaid Expansion, visit the Provider Manual for direction. 

Medicaid Expansion Provider Dispute Form

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BCBSND and Arkos Health Care Management Partnership

Arkos is a population health management company that works collaboratively with health insurers and patients’ primary care team to help provide supplemental coordinated care to Medicaid Expansion patients at no additional cost to the patient or provider.

Learn more about Arkos Care Management Support