Chiropractic Policy Update

Three policies are changing for chiropractic services.

Our commitment is to update the provider community as policies and guidelines are added, adopted, revised and/or archived.     

The below changes will be effective April 1, 2024.   
Coding and Reimbursement Policy Changes 

Medical Policy Changes 

  • Medicaid Expansion coverage rules regarding E/M and CMT services were moved to the Manipulation Services (Medicaid Expansion) medical policy. 
    • Claims submitted prior to April 1, 2024, will not allow payment for established patient E/M with manipulation.
    • Medicaid Expansion members are allowed five established patient E/M services with manipulation per year.
    • The CMT services have a limitation of 20 services per calendar year for Medicaid Expansion members have been included in the policy.
  • Lastly, the policy application section has been added to the policy for transparency.

Contact our Medicaid Expansion Provider Service Center at 1-833-777-5779 or email