Coding and Reimbursement Policy Updates

Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota regularly develops and revises coding and reimbursement policies and resources in response to rapidly changing medical technology and updates to the coding sets. Our commitment is to update the provider community as coding and reimbursement policies are adopted and/or revised.
The following coding and reimbursement policies and resources have had information added or revised:

Anesthesia Services

  • Added information regarding modifier 47. BCBSND will not reimburse for anesthesia administered by the physician performing the surgery; the anesthesia is considered inclusive with the surgery. 
  • Effective Thursday, Feb. 1, 2024, BCBSND will reject claim lines if submitted with modifier 47.   

Providers are encouraged to review the information added to this policy. To view reimbursement policies, visit our BCBSND website under the reimbursement policy search.

If you have questions regarding the change, please contact the Provider Service Center on the back of the member ID card.