Medicaid Expansion Claim Submission- Medicaid ID Notification- Update

In Jul. 2023, Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota (BCBSND) had informed providers via HealthCare News (HCN) of an upcoming claim requirement regarding the provider Medicaid identification (ID) number. After further review and collaboration with the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), it has been decided not to move forward with this implementation.

There will be no front-end rejections for Medicaid Expansion 837P or 837I claim(s) submitted without the provider Medicaid ID number at this time.

BCBSND still encourages the provider Medicaid ID number be added to claims in addition to the National Provider Identifier (NPI). Details on how to submit this information can be found in the prior HCN article. The NPI is a crucial piece of matching a provider record in our system, including the Medicaid ID helps ensure all additional pieces of data are linked correctly with the files at the DHHS. Ensure the correct Medicaid ID is used for the appropriate provider NPI.

Your Medicaid ID number should have been provided to you via a letter from the DHHS. If you are unsure what your provider Medicaid ID number is, please contact the DHHS at (701) 277-6999 for assistance.

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