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The tiered-network plan is available in 11 counties served by Altru Health System and a Preferred network of providers. The provider network is split into four tiers, depending on where you get care.

Tiered networks are designed to help employees make informed decisions about where they get care. With this approach, out-of-pocket costs are determined by which network a provider is in:

  1. Preferred Network: Altru Health System and a Preferred network of providers.
  2. Enhanced Network: North Dakota providers who accept BCBS network coverage.
  3. Standard Network: Any provider outside of North Dakota who accept BCBS coverage.
  4. Non-Participating Provider: All other providers without BCBS service agreements.

NOTE: Occasionally, Preferred Network providers refer patients to doctors in the Enhanced or Standard networks. If the referral is approved, the services may be covered at the Preferred Network level.

Learn more about tiered-network plans: Tiered Networks: How They Work.

Amounts indicated are your share of the medical expenses.

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