Medical policy disclaimer

BCBSND has developed medical policies that serve as one of the sets of guidelines for coverage decisions. Benefit plans vary in coverage and some BCBSND plans may not provide coverage for certain services discussed in the medical policies. Coverage decisions are subject to all terms and conditions of the applicable benefit plan, including specific exclusions and limitations, in effect at the time services are rendered and also subject to applicable state and/or federal laws. Medical policy does not constitute plan authorization, certify coverage availability or constitute a contract. Medical policies are not an explanation of benefits. These medical policies generally apply to all BCBSND fully insured benefit plans, although some variations may exist. Additionally, some benefit plans administered by BCBSND, such as some self-funded employer plans, may not utilize BCBSND medical policy. Members should contact a BCBSND Member Services representative for specific coverage information.

Medical policies can be highly technical and complex and are provided here for informational purposes. These medical policies do not constitute medical advice or medical care. Treating health care providers are solely responsible for diagnosis, treatment and medical advice. BCBSND members should discuss the information in the medical policies with their treating health care providers. Medical policies detail when certain medical services are medically necessary, and whether or not they are investigational. These policies are written to cover a given condition applicable to a majority of people without taking into consideration each individual's unique, clinical circumstances. Medical policies are medical determinations about a particular technology, service or drug that, while such technology, service or drug may be medically necessary, it is excluded under the terms of a member's benefit plan. Medical policy is NOT intended to replace independent medical judgment for treatment of individuals.

Medical technology is constantly evolving and these medical policies are subject to change without notice. Additional medical policies may be developed from time to time and some may be withdrawn from use. BCBSND reserves the right to review and update its medical policies periodically, without notice, and changes may not appear on this website. BCBSND makes all coverage determinations based on current medical policy or policies in effect at the time.