Nerve Conduction Studies and Electromyography

Section: Diagnostic Medical
Effective Date: July 01, 2018
Revised Date: January 22, 2020
Last Reviewed: January 22, 2020


Electromyography (EMG) and nerve conduction studies (NCS), also collectively known asanelectrodiagnostic assessment, evaluate the electrical functioning of muscles and peripheral nerves. These tests are diagnostic aids for the evaluation of disorders of the peripheral nervous system by identifying, localizing, and characterizing electrical abnormalities in the skeletal muscles and peripheral nerves.

In addition to NCS and/or EMG, neuromuscular junction testing (repetitive nerve stimulation) may be performed and involves recording muscle responses to a series of nerve stimuli applied at differing rates, both before and after exercise or transmission of high-frequency stimuli.


Electrodiagnostic assessment, consisting of electromyography, nerve conduction study, and related measures, may be considered medically necessary as an adjunct to history, physical exam, and imaging studies when the following criteria are met:

  • Signs and symptoms of peripheral neuropathy and/or myopathy are present; and
  • Definitive diagnosis cannot be made by physical exam and imaging studies alone; and
  • Work-up for ONE OR MORE of the following categories of disease is indicated (see list below):
    • Motor neuron diseases; or
    • Nerve root compression; or
    • Neuromuscular junction disorders; or
    • Neuropathies, compressive; or
    • Neuropathies/myopathies, generalized and focal; or
    • Plexopathies; or
    • Traumatic nerve injuries.

A repeat electrodiagnostic assessment may be considered medically necessary when at least one of the following criteria has been met:

  • Development of new symptoms or signs suggesting a second diagnosis in a individual who has received an initial diagnosis; or
  • Interim progression of disease following an initial test that was inconclusive, such that a repeat test is likely to elicit additional findings; or
  • Unexpected change(s) in the course of disease or response to treatment, suggesting that the initial diagnosis may be incorrect and that reexamination is indicated.
  • Rapidly evolving disease in which initial electrodiagnostic testing is normal and where repeat testing might show abnormalities that will affect treatment decisions, (e.g., Guillain-Barre Syndrome); or
  • In diseases with fluctuating courses to monitor disease progress and response to therapeutic interventions (e.g. polymyositis and myasthenia gravis); or
  • Repeat evaluations after injury to monitor recovery, to help establish prognosis, and to determine the need for possible further interventions.

Electrodiagnostic assessment consisting of EMG and NVC for any other indications is considered not medically necessary.

Procedure Codes


95860 95861 95863 95864 95865 95866 95867
95868 95869 95870 95872 95885 95886 95887
95905 95907 95908 95909 95910 95911 95912
95913 95937


Electrodiagnostic assessment, consisting of electromyography, nerve conduction study, and related measures, is considered experimental/investigational (E/I) and therefore non-covered because the safety and and/or effectiveness of this service cannot be established by the available published peer-reviewed literature:

  • Screening of asymptomatic individuals
  • These tests may include, but are not limited to:
    • A “surface” EMG (SEMG) which includes a surface paraspinal EMG.
    • Macro EMG.
    • Quantitative sensory testing (QST) which is the assessment of perceptual and/or physiological responses to pain


Procedure Codes


95999 0106T 0107T S3900


The following list gives specific diagnoses, according to categories of testing listed in the policy statement above for which electromyography (EMG) and nerve conduction study (NCS) generally provide useful information in confirming or excluding the diagnosis than provided by clinical examination and imaging alone. The diagnosis list is not exhaustive as there may also be less common disorders for which EMG/NCS provide useful diagnostic information:

  • Motor neuron diseases:
    • Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis; or
    • Primary lateral sclerosis; or
    • Progressive bulbar palsy; or
    • Progressive muscular atrophy; or
    • Pseudobulbar palsy; or
  • Myopathies, generalized:
    • Congenital myopathy; or
    • Dermatomyositis; or
    • Muscular dystrophies; or
    • Myotonic myopathy; or
    • Polymyositis; or
  • Nerve root compression (when physical exam and magnetic resonance imaging are inconclusive):
    • Cervical nerve root compression
    • Lumbosacral nerve root compression
    • Thoracic nerve root compression
  • Nerve root, peripheral nerve, muscle, or neuromuscular junction involvement with symptom- based presentation and pre-test evaluations are inconclusive and clinical assessment supports the need for the study forANYof the following:
    • Diplopia; or
    • Dysarthria; or
    • Impaired bowel motility; or
    • Fatigue/weakness that progresses with repetitive activity; or
    • Hyperreflexia; or
    • Impaired bowel motility; or
    • Loss of dexterity; or
    • Muscle atrophy; or
    • Muscle fasciculation; or
    • Muscle weakness; or
    • Myokymia (involuntary twitching of the eyelid muscles); or
    • Myotonia; or
    • Ptosis; or
    • Sensory deficits; or
    • Spasticity; or
    • Swallowing dysfunction; or
  • Neuromuscular junction disorders:
    • Botulinum toxicity; or
    • Lambert-Eaton myasthenic syndrome; or
    • Myasthenia gravis; or
    • Myasthenic syndrome; or
  • Neuropathies, Compressive
    • Carpal tunnel syndrome; or
    • Cubital tunnel syndrome; or
    • Other peripheral nerve entrapments; or
    • Peroneal nerve compression; or
    • Recurrent laryngeal neuropathy (RLN), (unilateral or bilateral vocal cord fold paralysis) that is greater than four (4) weeks but less than six (6) months in duration; or
    • Tarsal tunnel syndrome; or
    • Thoracic outlet syndrome; or
    • Ulnar nerve entrapment; or
  • Plexopathies:
    • Brachial plexopathy; or
    • Cervical plexopathy; or
    • Lumbosacral plexopathy; or
  • Polyneuropathies, generalized and focal:
    • Alcohol-related neuropathy; or
    • Diabetic neuropathy; or
    • Demyelinating polyneuropathies:
      • Guillain-Barré syndrome (acute); or
      • Chronic idiopathic demyelinating polyneuropathy; or
    • Hereditary neuropathies:
      • Charcot-Marie-tooth disease; or
      • Other hereditary neuropathies; or
    • Idiopathic peripheral neuropathy; or
    • Metabolic and nutritional (amyloidosis, hypothyroidism, immune, vitamin B12, or thiamine deficiency); or
    • Toxic neuropathy (e.g. vincristine, amiodarone); or
    • Uremic neuropathy; or
  • Precise muscle location for injections such as botulinum toxin, phenol, etc.
  • Radiculopathy
    • Cervical; or
    • Lumbosacral; or
    • Thoracic; or
  • Spine disorders
    • To differentiate radiculopathy from other neuropathies or non-neuropathic processes; or
    • To establish whether imaging findings are responsible for reported pain; or
    • To reconcile when pattern of pain, sensory impairment, or weakness does not match imaging findings; or
    • To document degree of axonal nerve damage in an individual with weakness; or
  • Traumatic nerve injuries.

The following table represents the recommended maximum number of electrodiagnostic studies from the American Association of Neuromuscular & Electrodiagnostic Medicine (AANEM) position statement (2017). These estimates do not represent absolute maximums for all individuals; they are defined by AANEM as being sufficient to make a diagnosis in at least 90% of individuals with that particular diagnosis. Therefore, there may be a small percentage of cases that require a greater number of tests than specified.

Recommended Maximum Number of Electrodiagnostic Studies
Indication Needle EMG Nerve Conduction Studies Other Electrodiagnostic Studies
Number of Services (Tests) Motor NCS with and/or without F-wave Sensory NCS H-Reflex Neuromuscular Junction Testing (Repetitive Stimulation)
Carpal Tunnel (unilateral) 1 3 4 - -
Carpal Tunnel (bilateral) 2 4 6 - -
Radiculopathy 2 3 2 2 -
Mononeuropathy 1 3 3 2 -
Polyneuropathy/Mononeuropathy Multiplex 3 4 4 2 -
Myopathy 2 2 2 - 2
Motor Neuronopathy (e.g. ALS) 4 4 2 - 2
Plexopathy 2 4 6 2 -
Neuromuscular Junction 2 2 2 - 3
Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome (unilateral) 1 4 4 - -
Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome (bilateral) 2 5 6 - -
Weakness, Fatigue, Cramps, or Twitching (focal) 2 3 4 - 2
Weakness, Fatigue, Cramps, or Twitching (general) 4 4 4 - 2
Pain, Numbness, or Tingling (unilateral) 1 3 4 2 -
Pain, Numbness, or Tingling (bilateral) 2 4 6 2 -

Diagnosis Codes

COVERED DIAGNOSIS CODES FOR PROCEDURES CODES: 95860, 95861, 95863, 95864, 95865, 95869, 95870, 95872, 95885, 95886, 95887, 95905, 95907, 95908, 95909, 95910, 95911, 95912, 95913, 95937

A05.1 B02.21 B02.22 B02.23 E10.40 E10.41 E10.42
E10.43 E10.44 E10.49 E11.40 E11.41 E11.42 E11.43
E11.44 E11.49 E13.40 E13.41 E13.42 E13.43 E13.44
E13.49 E51.9 G04.1 G11.4 G11.8 G11.9 G12.0
G12.1 G12.20 G12.21 G12.22 G12.29 G12.8 G12.9
G50.0 G50.1 G50.8 G50.9 G51.4 G51.8 G51.9
G52.1 G52.2 G52.3 G52.7 G52.8 G52.9 G53
G54.0 G54.1 G54.2 G54.3 G54.4 G54.5 G54.6
G54.7 G54.8 G54.9 G55 G56.01 G56.02 G56.03
G56.11 G56.12 G56.13 G56.21 G56.22 G56.23 G56.31
G56.32 G56.33 G56.41 G56.42 G56.43 G56.81 G56.82
G56.83 G56.91 G56.92 G56.93 G57.01 G57.02 G57.03
G57.11 G57.12 G57.13 G57.20 G57.21 G57.22 G57.23
G57.31 G57.32 G57.33 G57.41 G57.42 G57.43 G57.51
G57.52 G57.53 G57.61 G57.62 G57.63 G57.71 G57.72
G57.73 G57.81 G57.82 G57.83 G57.91 G57.92 G57.93
G58.0 G58.7 G58.8 G58.9 G59 G60.0 G60.1
G60.2 G60.3 G61.0 G61.1 G61.81 G61.82 G62.0
G62.1 G62.2 G62.82 G62.89 G62.9 G63 G64
G65.0 G65.1 G65.2 G70.00 G70.01 G70.1 G70.2
G70.80 G70.81 G70.9 G71.00 G71.01 G71.02 G71.09
G71.11 G71.12 G71.13 G71.14 G71.19 G71.2 G71.3
G71.8 G71.9 G72.0 G72.1 G72.2 G72.3 G72.41
G72.49 G83.81 G83.82 G83.83 G83.84 G83.89 G90.09
G90.2 G90.4 G90.50 G90.511 G90.512 G90.513 G90.519
G90.521 G90.522 G90.523 G90.529 G90.59 G90.8 G90.9
J38.01 J38.02 M05.411 M05.412 M05.421 M05.422 M05.431
M05.432 M05.441 M05.442 M05.451 M05.452 M05.461 M05.462
M05.471 M05.472 M05.49 M05.511 M05.512 M05.521 M05.522
M05.531 M05.532 M05.541 M05.542 M05.551 M05.552 M05.561
M05.562 M05.571 M05.572 M05.59 M21.331 M21.332 M21.371
M21.372 M21.379 M21.511 M21.512 M21.531 M21.532 M21.541
M21.542 M21.549 M25.511 M25.512 M25.521 M25.522 M25.531
M25.532 M25.551 M25.552 M25.561 M25.562 M25.711 M25.712
M33.00 M33.01 M33.02 M33.09 M33.10 M33.11 M33.12
M33.19 M33.20 M33.21 M33.22 M33.29 M33.90 M33.91
M33.92 M33.99 M34.82 M34.83 M35.03 M35.3 M35.4
M35.8 M36.0 M47.11 M47.12 M47.13 M47.14 M47.15
M47.16 M47.20 M47.21 M47.22 M47.23 M47.24 M47.25
M47.26 M47.27 M47.28 M48.061 M48.062 M51.14 M51.15
M51.16 M51.17 M54.11 M54.12 M54.13 M54.14 M54.15
M54.16 M54.17 M54.18 M54.2 M54.30 M54.31 M54.32
M54.40 M54.41 M54.42 M54.5 M62.81 M62.9 M79.10
M79.11 M79.12 M79.18 M79.601 M79.602 M79.604 M79.605
M79.621 M79.622 M79.631 M79.632 M79.641 M79.642 M79.644
M79.645 M79.651 M79.652 M79.661 M79.662 M79.671 M79.672
M79.674 M79.675 R20.0 R20.1 R20.2 R20.3 R20.8
R20.9 R25.2 R29.0 S12.100K S12.100S S12.101A S12.101B
S12.101D S12.101G S12.101K S12.101S S12.200A S12.200B S12.200D
S12.200G S12.200K S12.200S S12.201A S12.201B S12.201D S12.201G
S12.201K S12.201S S12.300A S12.300B S12.300D S12.300G S12.300K
S12.300S S12.301A S12.301B S12.301D S12.301G S12.301K S12.301S
S12.400A S12.400B S12.400D S12.400G S12.400K S12.400S S12.401A
S12.401B S12.401D S12.401G S12.401K S12.401S S12.500A S12.500B
S12.500D S12.500G S12.500K S12.500S S12.501A S12.501B S12.501D
S12.501G S12.501K S12.501S S12.600A S12.600B S12.600D S12.600G
S12.600K S12.600S S12.601A S12.601B S12.9XXA S12.9XXD S12.9XXS
S14.0XXA S14.101A S14.101D S14.101S S14.102A S14.102D S14.102S
S14.103A S14.103D S14.103S S14.104A S14.104D S14.104S S14.105A
S14.105D S14.105S S14.106A S14.106D S14.106S S14.107A S14.107D
S14.107S S14.108A S14.108D S14.108S S14.109A S14.109D S14.109S
S14.111A S14.111D S14.111S S14.112A S14.112D S14.112S S14.113A
S14.113D S14.113S S14.114A S14.114D S14.114S S14.115A S14.115D
S14.115S S14.116A S14.116D S14.116S S14.117A S14.117D S14.117S
S14.118A S14.118D S14.118S S14.119A S14.119D S14.119S S14.121A
S14.121D S14.121S S14.122A S14.122D S14.122S S14.123A S14.123D
S14.123S S14.124A S14.124D S14.124S S14.125A S14.125D S14.125S
S14.126A S14.126D S14.126S S14.127A S14.127D S14.127S S14.128A
S14.128D S14.128S S14.129A S14.129D S14.129S S14.131A S14.131D
S14.131S S14.132A S14.132D S14.132S S14.133A S14.133D S14.133S
S14.134A S14.134D S14.134S S14.135A S14.135D S14.135S S14.136A
S14.136D S14.136S S14.137A S14.137D S14.137S S14.138A S14.138D
S14.138S S14.139A S14.139D S14.139S S14.141A S14.141D S14.141S
S14.142A S14.142D S14.142S S14.143A S14.143D S14.143S S14.144A
S14.144D S14.144S S14.145A S14.145D S14.145S S14.146A S14.146D
S14.146S S14.147A S14.147D S14.147S S14.148A S14.148D S14.148S
S14.149A S14.149D S14.149S S14.151A S14.151D S14.151S S14.152A
S14.152D S14.152S S14.153A S14.153D S14.153S S14.154A S14.154D
S14.154S S14.155A S14.155D S14.155S S14.156A S14.156D S14.156S
S14.157A S14.157D S14.157S S14.158A S14.158D S14.158S S14.159A
S14.159D S14.159S S14.2XXA S14.2XXD S14.2XXS S14.3XXA S14.3XXD
S14.3XXS S14.4XXA S14.4XXD S14.4XXS S14.5XXA S14.5XXD S14.5XXS
S14.8XXA S14.8XXD S14.8XXS S14.9XXA S14.9XXD S14.9XXS S22,009K
S22.009A S22.009B S22.009D S22.009G S22.009S S22.019A S22.019B
S22.019D S22.019G S22.019K S22.019S S22.029A S22.029B S22.029D
S22.029G S22.029K S22.029S S22.039A S22.039B S22.039D S22.039G
S22.039K S22.039S S22.049A S22.049B S22.049D S22.049G S22.049K
S22.049S S22.059A S22.059B S22.059D S22.059G S22.059K S22.059S
S22.069A S22.069B S22.069D S22.069G S22.069K S22.069S S22.079A
S22.079B S22.079D S22.079G S22.079K S22.079S S22.089A S22.089B
S22.089D S22.089G S22.089K S22.089S S24.0XXA S24.0XXD S24.0XXS
S24.101A S24.101D S24.101S S24.102A S24.102D S24.102S S24.103A
S24.103D S24.103S S24.104A S24.104D S24.104S S24.109A S24.109D
S24.109S S24.111A S24.111D S24.111S S24.112A S24.112D S24.112S
S24.113A S24.113D S24.113S S24.114A S24.114D S24.114S S24.119A
S24.119D S24.119S S24.131A S24.131D S24.131S S24.132A S24.132D
S24.132S S24.133A S24.133D S24.133S S24.134A S24.134D S24.134S
S24.139A S24.139D S24.139S S24.141A S24.141D S24.141S S24.142A
S24.142D S24.142S S24.143A S24.143D S24.143S S24.144A S24.144D
S24.144S S24.149A S24.149D S24.149S S24.151A S24.151D S24.151S
S24.152A S24.152D S24.152S S24.153A S24.153D S24.153S S24.154A
S24.154D S24.154S S24.159A S24.159D S24.159S S24.2XXA S24.2XXD
S24.2XXS S24.3XXA S24.3XXD S24.3XXS S24.4XXA S24.4XXD S24.4XXS
S24.8XXA S24.8XXD S24.8XXS S24.9XXA S24.9XXD S24.9XXS S32,2XXD
S32.009A S32.009B S32.009D S32.019A S32.019B S32.019D S32.019G
S32.019K S32.019S S32.029A S32.029B S32.029D S32.029G S32.029K
S32.029S S32.039A S32.039B S32.039D S32.039G S32.039K S32.039S
S32.049A S32.049B S32.049D S32.049G S32.049K S32.049S S32.059A
S32.059B S32.059D S32.059G S32.059K S32.059S S32.10XA S32.10XB
S32.10XD S32.10XG S32.10XK S32.10XS S32.2XXA S32.2XXB S32.2XXG
S32.2XXK S32.2XXS S34.02XA S34.131A S34.131D S34.131S S34.132A
S34.132D S34.132S S34.139A S34.139D S34.139S S34.21XA S34.21XD
S34.21XS S34.22XA S34.22XD S34.22XS S34.3XXA S34.3XXD S34.3XXS
S34.4XXA S34.4XXD S34.4XXS S34.5XXA S34.5XXD S34.5XXS S34.6XXA
S34.6XXD S34.6XXS S34.8XXA S34.8XXD S34.8XXS S34.9XXA S34.9XXD
S34.9XXS S44.00XA S44.00XD S44.00XS S44.01XA S44.01XD S44.01XS
S44.02XA S44.02XD S44.02XS S44.10XA S44.10XD S44.10XS S44.11XA
S44.11XD S44.11XS S44.12XA S44.12XD S44.12XS S44.20XA S44.20XD
S44.20XS S44.21XA S44.21XD S44.21XS S44.22XA S44.22XD S44.22XS
S44.30XA S44.30XD S44.30XS S44.31XA S44.31XD S44.31XS S44.32XA
S44.32XD S44.32XS S44.40XA S44.40XD S44.40XS S44.41XA S44.41XD
S44.41XS S44.42XA S44.42XD S44.42XS S44.50XA S44.50XD S44.50XS
S44.51XA S44.51XD S44.51XS S44.52XA S44.52XD S44.52XS S44.8X1A
S44.8X1D S44.8X1S S44.8X2A S44.8X2D S44.8X2S S44.8X9A S44.8X9D
S44.8X9S S44.90XA S44.90XD S44.90XS S44.91XA S44.91XD S44.91XS
S44.92XA S44.92XD S44.92XS S54.00XA S54.00XD S54.00XS S54.01XA
S54.01XD S54.01XS S54.02XA S54.02XD S54.02XS S54.10XA S54.10XD
S54.10XS S54.11XA S54.11XD S54.11XS S54.12XA S54.12XD S54.12XS
S54.20XA S54.20XD S54.20XS S54.21XA S54.21XD S54.21XS S54.22XA
S54.22XD S54.22XS S54.30XA S54.30XD S54.30XS S54.31XA S54.31XD
S54.31XS S54.32XA S54.32XD S54.32XS S54.8X1A S54.8X1D S54.8X1S
S54.8X2A S54.8X2D S54.8X2S S54.8X9A S54.8X9D S54.8X9S S54.90XA
S54.90XD S54.90XS S54.91XA S54.91XD S54.91XS S54.92XA S54.92XD
S54.92XS S64.00XA S64.00XD S64.00XS S64.01XA S64.01XD S64.01XS
S64.02XA S64.02XD S64.02XS S64.10XA S64.10XD S64.10XS S64.11XA
S64.11XD S64.11XS S64.12XA S64.12XD S64.20XA S64.20XD S64.20XS
S64.21XA S64.21XD S64.21XS S64.22XA S64.22XD S64.22XS S64.30XA
S64.30XD S64.30XS S64.31XA S64.31XD S64.31XS S64.32XA S64.32XD
S64.32XS S64.40XA S64.40XD S64.40XS S64.490A S64.490D S64.490S
S64.491A S64.491D S64.491S S64.492A S64.492D S64.492S S64.493A
S64.493D S64.493S S64.494A S64.494D S64.494S S64.495A S64.495D
S64.495S S64.496A S64.496D S64.496S S64.497A S64.497D S64.497S
S64.498A S64.498D S64.498S S64.8X1A S64.8X1D S64.8X1S S64.8X2A
S64.8X2D S64.8X2S S64.8X9A S64.8X9D S64.8X9S S64.90XD S64.90XS
S64.91XA S64.91XD S64.91XS S64.92XA S64.92XD S64.92XS S74.00XA
S74.00XD S74.00XS S74.01XA S74.01XD S74.01XS S74.02XA S74.02XD
S74.02XS S74.10XA S74.10XD S74.10XS S74.11XA S74.11XD S74.11XS
S74.12XA S74.12XD S74.12XS S74.20XA S74.20XD S74.20XS S74.21XA
S74.21XD S74.21XS S74.22XA S74.22XD S74.22XS S74.8X1A S74.8X1D
S74.8X1S S74.8X2A S74.8X2D S74.8X2S S74.8X9A S74.8X9D S74.8X9S
S74.90XA S74.90XD S74.90XS S74.91XA S74.91XD S74.91XS S74.92XA
S74.92XD S74.92XS S84.00XA S84.00XD S84.00XS S84.01XA S84.01XD
S84.01XS S84.02XA S84.02XD S84.02XS S84.10XA S84.10XD S84.10XS
S84.11XA S84.11XD S84.11XS S84.12XA S84.12XD S84.12XS S84.20XA
S84.20XD S84.20XS S84.21XA S84.21XD S84.21XS S84.22XA S84.22XD
S84.22XS S84.801A S84.801D S84.801S S84.802A S84.802D S84.802S
S84.809A S84.809D S84.809S S84.90XA S84.90XD S84.90XS S84.91XA
S84.91XD S84.91XS S84.92XA S84.92XD S84.92XS S94.00XA S94.00XD
S94.00XS S94.01XA S94.01XD S94.01XS S94.02XA S94.02XD S94.02XS
S94.10XA S94.10XD S94.10XS S94.11XA S94.11XD S94.11XS S94.12XA
S94.12XD S94.12XS S94.20XA S94.20XD S94.20XS S94.21XA S94.21XD
S94.21XS S94.22XA S94.22XD S94.22XS S94.30XA S94.30XD S94.30XS
S94.31XA S94.31XD S94.31XS S94.32XA S94.32XD S94.32XS S94.8X1A
S94.8X1D S94.8X1S S94.8X2A S94.8X2D S94.8X2S S94.8X9A S94.8X9D
S94.8X9S S94.90XA S94.90XD S94.90XS S94.91XA S94.91XD S94.91XS
S94.92XA S94.92XD S94.92XS


Professional Statements and Societal Positions Guidelines

The American Association of Neuromuscular and Electrodiagnostic Medicine (AANEM)
Using laryngeal electromyography for the diagnosis and treatment of vocal cord paralysis. If prognostic information is required on ultimate vocal fold mobility in an individual with vocal fold paralysis that is greater than four (4) weeks and less than six (6) months in duration, LEMG should be performed. LEMG may be performed to clarify treatment decisions in an individual with vocal fold immobility that is presumed to be caused by RLN (2016).

NCS performed independent of needle EMG studies may only provide a portion of the information needed to diagnose muscle, nerve root, and most nerve disorders. For this reason, it is the position of the AANEM that, except in unique situations, NCSs and needle EMG should be performed together in a study design determined by a trained neuromuscular physician. There are common diagnoses that depend on performing a needle EMG and combining the needle EMG data with the NCS data. Needle EMG studies are a necessary part of the evaluation in the diagnosis of myopathy, radiculopathy, plexopathy, disorders of the motor neuron, peripheral neuropathies and most disorders of the individual peripheral motor nerves. When the NCS is used on its own without integrating needle EMG findings or when an individual relies solely on a review of NCS data, the results can often be misleading, and important diagnoses will likely be missed. Individuals may thus be subjected to incorrect, unnecessary, and potentially harmful treatment interventions (2017).

AANEM policy statement on electrodiagnosis for distal symmetric polyneuropathy (2018):

Electrodiagnostic (EDX) studies are often very helpful in the diagnosis and management of individuals who have or are suspected to have Distal Symmetric Polyneuropathy (DSP). However, EDX studies may not be appropriate in every situation. There are five common scenarios in which EDX studies are likely to be beneficial: (1) determining primary and alternative diagnoses; (2) determining severity, duration and prognosis of disease; (3) evaluating risk of associated problems; (4) determining the effect of medications; and (5) evaluating the effect of toxic exposures.

ND Committee Review

Internal Medical Policy Committee 1-22-2020 adding diagnosis codes for weakness



Current medical policy is to be used in determining a Member's contract benefits on the date that services are rendered. Contract language, including definitions and specific inclusions/exclusions, as well as state and federal law, must be considered in determining eligibility for coverage. Members must consult their applicable benefit plans or contact a Member Services representative for specific coverage information. Likewise, medical policy, which addresses the issue(s) in any specific case, should be considered before utilizing medical opinion in adjudication. Medical technology is constantly evolving and the Company reserves the right to review and update medical policy periodically.