Ultrasound Osteogenesis Stimulator

Section: Durable Medical Equipment
Effective Date: July 01, 2018
Revised Date: November 14, 2019
Last Reviewed: November 14, 2019


An ultrasonic osteogenesis stimulator is a noninvasive device that emits low intensity, pulsed ultrasound. The ultrasound signal is applied to the skin surface at the fracture location via ultrasound conductive coupling gel in order to stimulate fracture healing.


An ultrasonic osteogenesis stimulator is covered only if ALL of the following criteria are met:

  • Nonunion of a fracture (at least three (3) months have passed since the date of the fracture); and
  • The fracture is not of the skull or vertebrae; and
  • Serial radiographs have confirmed that no progressive signs of healing have occurred; and
  • The fracture gap is 1 cm or less; and
  • The patient can be adequately immobilized and is able to maintain a non-weight bearing status

Fresh Closed Fractures

Low-intensity ultrasound accelerated fracture healing systems may be considered medically necessary as an adjunct to conventional management (i.e., closed reduction and cast immobilization) for the treatment of fresh (up to fourteen (14) days after the fracture occurs), closed fractures of a skeletally mature individual, who is determined to be at high risk for delayed fracture healing or nonunion fractures, that includes having at least ONE of the following indications: a comorbidity OR location of fracture:

The individual has ANY of the following comorbidities:

  • Diagnosis of alcoholism; or
  • Current tobacco use; or
  • Diagnosis of diabetes; or
  • Current use of prescribed steroid; or
  • Diagnosis of osteoporosis; or
  • Diagnosis of renal disease; or
  • Current use of prescribed anticoagulation medications.


The individual has ANY of the following fracture locations:

  • Fracture of metatarsal, including Jones fracture (5th metatarsal); or
  • Navicular bone fracture of the wrist (also known as the scaphoid); or
  • Fractures associated with extensive soft tissue or vascular damage.

It will be necessary for the provider to submit medical records and/or additional documentation to determine coverage in these situations.

If the above criteria are not met, an ultrasonic osteogenesis stimulator will be denied as not medically necessary. This includes, but is not limited to treatment of ANY of the following:

  • As an adjunct to (i.e., at the time of or immediately after) bunionectomy procedures (When such surgery results in nonunion the medically necessary criteria above may apply); or
  • As an adjunct to (i.e., at the time of or immediately after) distraction osteogenesis procedures for any indication (e.g., limb lengthening, nonunion, or tibial defects); or
  • Axial skeleton fractures, including the skull and vertebrae; or
  • Congenital pseudoarthrosis; or
  • Delayed fracture unions; or
  • Fresh fractures that are Open Grade II or III, or require surgical intervention (with or without internal fixation), or are otherwise too unstable for closed reduction/; or
  • Patellar tendinopathy; or
  • Pathological fractures due to bone pathology or tumor/malignancy; or
  • Stress fractures; or
  • Used with other nonivasive osteogenesis stimulators.

Procedure Codes


An ultrasonic osteogenesis stimulator will be denied as not medically necessary if it is used with other noninvasive osteogenesis stimulators.

Procedure Codes

E0747 E0760

Diagnosis Codes

Covered Diagnosis Codes for Procedure Codes 20979 and E0760

E10.9 E10.65 E11.65 E11.9 E13.9 F10.20 F17.200
F17.201 F17.210 F17.211 F17.220 F17.221 F17.290 F17.291
M80.00XK M80.011K M80.012K M80.021K M80.022K M80.031K M80.032K
M80.041K M80.042K M80.051K M80.052K M80.061K M80.062K M80.071K
M80.072K M80.80XK M80.811K M80.812K M80.821K M80.822K M80.831K
M80.832K M80.841K M80.842K M80.851K M80.852K M80.861K M80.862K
M80.871K M80.872K M81.6 M84.30XK M84.311K M84.312K M84.321K
M84.322K M84.331K M84.332K M84.333K M84.334K M84.341K M84.342K
M84.344K M84.345K M84.350K M84.351K M84.352K M84.359K M84.361K
M84.362K M84.363K M84.364K M84.371K M84.372K M84.374K M84.375K
M84.377K M84.378K M84.38XK M84.40XK M84.411K M84.412K M84.421K
M84.422K M84.431K M84.432K M84.433K M84.434K M84.441K M84.442K
M84.444K M84.445K M84.451K M84.452K M84.454K M84.459K M84.461K
M84.462K M84.463K M84.464K M84.471K M84.472K M84.474K M84.475K
M84.477K M84.478K M84.48XK M84.50XK M84.511K M84.512K M84.521K
M84.522K M84.531K M84.532K M84.533K M84.534K M84.541K M84.542K
M84.550K M84.551K M84.552K M84.559K M84.561K M84.562K M84.563K
M84.564K M84.571K M84.572K M84.574K M84.575K M84.58XK M84.60XK
M84.611K M84.612K M84.621K M84.622K M84.631K M84.632K M84.633K
M84.634K M84.641K M84.642K M84.650K M84.651K M84.652K M84.659K
M84.661K M84.662K M84.663K M84.664K M84.671K M84.672K M84.674K
M84.675K M84.68XK M84.750G M84.750K M84.754G M84.754K M84.755G
M84.755K M84.756G M84.756K M84.757G M84.757K M84.758G M84.758K
M84.759G M84.759K N18.1 N18.2 N18.3 N18.4 N18.5
N18.6 N18.9 S22.20XK S22.21XK S22.22XK S22.23XK S22.24XK
S22.31XK S22.32XK S22.39XK S22.41XK S22.42XK S22.43XK S22.49XK
S22.5XXK S22.9XXK S32.301K S32.302K S32.311K S32.312K S32.314K
S32.315K S32.391K S32.392K S32.401K S32.402K S32.411K S32.412K
S32.414K S32.415K S32.421K S32.422K S32.424K S32.425K S32.431K
S32.432K S32.434K S32.435K S32.441K S32.442K S32.444K S32.445K
S32.451K S32.452K S32.454K S32.455K S32.461K S32.462K S32.464K
S32.465K S32.471K S32.472K S32.474K S32.475K S32.481K S32.482K
S32.484K S32.485K S32.491K S32.492K S32.501K S32.502K S32.511K
S32.512K S32.591K S32.592K S32.601K S32.602K S32.611K S32.612K
S32.614K S32.615K S32.691K S32.692K S32.810K S32.811K S42.001K
S42.002K S42.011K S42.012K S42.014K S42.015K S42.017K S42.018K
S42.021K S42.022K S42.024K S42.025K S42.031K S42.032K S42.034K
S42.035K S42.101K S42.102K S42.111K S42.112K S42.114K S42.115K
S42.121K S42.122K S42.124K S42.125K S42.131K S42.132K S42.134K
S42.135K S42.141K S42.142K S42.144K S42.145K S42.151K S42.152K
S42.154K S42.155K S42.191K S42.192K S42.201K S42.202K S42.211K
S42.212K S42.214K S42.215K S42.221K S42.222K S42.224K S42.225K
S42.231K S42.232K S42.241K S42.242K S42.251K S42.252K S42.254K
S42.255K S42.261K S42.262K S42.264K S42.265K S42.271K S42.272K
S42.291K S42.292K S42.294K S42.295K S42.301K S42.302K S42.311K
S42.312K S42.321K S42.322K S42.324K S42.325K S42.331K S42.332K
S42.334K S42.335K S42.341K S42.342K S42.344K S42.345K S42.351K
S42.352K S42.354K S42.355K S42.361K S42.362K S42.364K S42.365K
S42.391K S42.392K S42.401K S42.402K S42.411K S42.412K S42.414K
S42.415K S42.421K S42.422K S42.424K S42.425K S42.431K S42.432K
S42.434K S42.435K S42.441K S42.442K S42.444K S42.445K S42.447K
S42.448K S42.451K S42.452K S42.454K S42.455K S42.461K S42.462K
S42.464K S42.465K S42.471K S42.472K S42.474K S42.475K S42.481K
S42.482K S42.491K S42.492K S42.494K S42.495K S42.91XK S42.92XK
S49.001K S49.002K S49.011K S49.012K S49.021K S49.022K S49.031K
S49.032K S49.041K S49.042K S49.091K S49.092K S49.101K S49.102K
S49.111K S49.112K S49.121K S49.122K S49.131K S49.132K S49.141K
S49.142K S49.191K S49.192K S52.001K S52.001M S52.001N S52.002K
S52.002M S52.002N S52.011K S52.012K S52.021K S52.021M S52.021N
S52.022K S52.022M S52.022N S52.024K S52.024M S52.024N S52.025K
S52.025M S52.025N S52.031K S52.031M S52.031N S52.032K S52.032M
S52.032N S52.034K S52.034M S52.034N S52.035K S52.035M S52.035N
S52.041K S52.041M S52.041N S52.042K S52.042M S52.042N S52.044K
S52.044M S52.044N S52.045K S52.045M S52.045N S52.091K S52.091M
S52.091N S52.092K S52.092M S52.092N S52.101K S52.101M S52.101N
S52.102K S52.102M S52.102N S52.111K S52.112K S52.121K S52.121M
S52.121N S52.122K S52.122M S52.122N S52.124K S52.124M S52.124N
S52.125K S52.125M S52.125N S52.131K S52.131M S52.131N S52.132K
S52.132M S52.132N S52.134K S52.134M S52.134N S52.135K S52.135M
S52.135N S52.181K S52.181M S52.181N S52.182K S52.182M S52.182N
S52.201K S52.201M S52.201N S52.202K S52.202M S52.202N S52.211K
S52.212K S52.221K S52.221M S52.221N S52.222K S52.222M S52.222N
S52.224K S52.224M S52.224N S52.225K S52.225M S52.225N S52.231K
S52.231M S52.231N S52.232K S52.232M S52.232N S52.234K S52.234M
S52.234N S52.235K S52.235M S52.235N S52.241K S52.241M S52.241N
S52.242K S52.242M S52.242N S52.244K S52.244M S52.244N S52.245K
S52.245M S52.245N S52.251K S52.251M S52.251N S52.252K S52.252M
S52.252N S52.254K S52.254M S52.254N S52.255K S52.255M S52.255N
S52.261K S52.261M S52.261N S52.262K S52.262M S52.262N S52.264K
S52.264M S52.264N S52.265K S52.265M S52.265N S52.271K S52.271M
S52.271N S52.272K S52.272M S52.272N S52.281K S52.281M S52.281N
S52.282K S52.282M S52.282N S52.291K S52.291M S52.291N S52.292K
S52.292M S52.292N S52.301K S52.301M S52.301N S52.302K S52.302M
S52.302N S52.311K S52.312K S52.321K S52.321M S52.321N S52.322K
S52.322M S52.322N S52.324K S52.324M S52.324N S52.325K S52.325M
S52.325N S52.331K S52.331M S52.331N S52.332K S52.332M S52.332N
S52.334K S52.334M S52.334N S52.335K S52.335M S52.335N S52.341K
S52.341M S52.341N S52.342K S52.342M S52.342N S52.344K S52.344M
S52.344N S52.345K S52.345M S52.345N S52.351K S52.351M S52.351N
S52.352K S52.352M S52.352N S52.354K S52.354M S52.354N S52.355K
S52.355M S52.355N S52.361K S52.361M S52.361N S52.362K S52.362M
S52.362N S52.364K S52.364M S52.364N S52.365K S52.365M S52.365N
S52.371K S52.371M S52.371N S52.372K S52.372M S52.372N S52.381K
S52.381M S52.381N S52.382K S52.382M S52.382N S52.391K S52.391M
S52.391N S52.392K S52.392M S52.392N S52.501K S52.501M S52.501N
S52.502K S52.502M S52.502N S52.511K S52.511M S52.511N S52.512K
S52.512M S52.512N S52.514K S52.514M S52.514N S52.515K S52.515M
S52.515N S52.521K S52.522K S52.531K S52.531M S52.531N S52.532K
S52.532M S52.532N S52.541K S52.541M S52.541N S52.542K S52.542M
S52.542N S52.551K S52.551M S52.551N S52.552K S52.552M S52.552N
S52.561K S52.561M S52.561N S52.562K S52.562M S52.562N S52.571K
S52.571M S52.571N S52.572K S52.572M S52.572N S52.591K S52.591M
S52.591N S52.592K S52.592M S52.592N S52.601K S52.601M S52.601N
S52.602K S52.602M S52.602N S52.611K S52.611M S52.611N S52.612K
S52.612M S52.612N S52.614K S52.614M S52.614N S52.615K S52.615M
S52.615N S52.621K S52.622K S52.691K S52.691M S52.691N S52.692K
S52.692M S52.692N S52.90XK S52.90XM S52.90XN S52.91XK S52.91XM
S52.91XN S52.92XK S52.92XM S52.92XN S59.001K S59.002K S59.011K
S59.012K S59.021K S59.022K S59.031K S59.032K S59.041K S59.042K
S59.091K S59.092K S59.101K S59.102K S59.111K S59.112K S59.121K
S59.122K S59.131K S59.132K S59.141K S59.142K S59.191K S59.192K
S59.201K S59.202K S59.211K S59.212K S59.221K S59.222K S59.231K
S59.232K S59.241K S59.242K S59.291K S59.292K S62.001A S62.001K
S62.002A S62.002K S62.011A S62.011K S62.012A S62.012K S62.014A
S62.014K S62.015A S62.015K S62.021A S62.021K S62.022A S62.022K
S62.024A S62.024K S62.025A S62.025K S62.031A S62.031K S62.032A
S62.032K S62.034A S62.034K S62.035A S62.035K S62.101K S62.102K
S62.111K S62.112K S62.114K S62.115K S62.121K S62.122K S62.124K
S62.125K S62.131K S62.132K S62.134K S62.135K S62.141K S62.142K
S62.144K S62.145K S62.151K S62.152K S62.154K S62.155K S62.161K
S62.162K S62.164K S62.165K S62.171K S62.172K S62.174K S62.175K
S62.181K S62.182K S62.184K S62.185K S62.201K S62.202K S62.211K
S62.212K S62.221K S62.222K S62.224K S62.225K S62.231K S62.232K
S62.234K S62.235K S62.241K S62.242K S62.244K S62.245K S62.251K
S62.252K S62.254K S62.255K S62.291K S62.292K S62.300K S62.301K
S62.302K S62.303K S62.304K S62.305K S62.306K S62.307K S62.310K
S62.311K S62.312K S62.313K S62.314K S62.315K S62.316K S62.317K
S62.320K S62.321K S62.322K S62.323K S62.324K S62.325K S62.326K
S62.327K S62.330K S62.331K S62.332K S62.333K S62.334K S62.335K
S62.336K S62.337K S62.340K S62.341K S62.342K S62.343K S62.344K
S62.345K S62.346K S62.347K S62.348K S62.349K S62.350K S62.351K
S62.352K S62.353K S62.354K S62.355K S62.356K S62.357K S62.360K
S62.361K S62.362K S62.363K S62.364K S62.365K S62.366K S62.367K
S62.390K S62.391K S62.392K S62.393K S62.394K S62.395K S62.396K
S62.397K S62.501K S62.502K S62.511K S62.512K S62.514K S62.515K
S62.521K S62.522K S62.524K S62.525K S62.600K S62.601K S62.602K
S62.603K S62.604K S62.605K S62.606K S62.607K S62.610K S62.611K
S62.612K S62.613K S62.614K S62.615K S62.616K S62.617K S62.620K
S62.621K S62.622K S62.623K S62.624K S62.625K S62.626K S62.627K
S62.630K S62.631K S62.632K S62.633K S62.634K S62.635K S62.636K
S62.637K S62.640K S62.641K S62.642K S62.643K S62.644K S62.645K
S62.646K S62.647K S62.650K S62.651K S62.652K S62.653K S62.654K
S62.655K S62.656K S62.657K S62.660K S62.661K S62.662K S62.663K
S62.664K S62.665K S62.666K S62.667K S62.91XK S62.92XK S72.001K
S72.001M S72.001N S72.002K S72.002M S72.002N S72.011K S72.011M
S72.011N S72.012K S72.012M S72.012N S72.021K S72.021M S72.021N
S72.022K S72.022M S72.022N S72.024K S72.024M S72.024N S72.025K
S72.025M S72.025N S72.031K S72.031M S72.031N S72.032K S72.032M
S72.032N S72.034K S72.034M S72.034N S72.035K S72.035M S72.035N
S72.041K S72.041M S72.041N S72.042K S72.042M S72.042N S72.044K
S72.044M S72.044N S72.045K S72.045M S72.045N S72.051K S72.051M
S72.051N S72.052K S72.052M S72.052N S72.061K S72.061M S72.061N
S72.062K S72.062M S72.062N S72.064K S72.064M S72.064N S72.065K
S72.065M S72.065N S72.091K S72.091M S72.091N S72.092K S72.092M
S72.092N S72.101K S72.101M S72.101N S72.102K S72.102M S72.102N
S72.111K S72.111M S72.111N S72.112K S72.112M S72.112N S72.114K
S72.114M S72.114N S72.115K S72.115M S72.115N S72.121K S72.121M
S72.121N S72.122K S72.122M S72.122N S72.124K S72.124M S72.124N
S72.125K S72.125M S72.125N S72.131K S72.131M S72.131N S72.132K
S72.132M S72.132N S72.134K S72.134M S72.134N S72.135K S72.135M
S72.135N S72.141K S72.141M S72.141N S72.142K S72.142M S72.142N
S72.144K S72.144M S72.144N S72.145K S72.145M S72.145N S72.21XK
S72.21XM S72.21XN S72.22XK S72.22XM S72.22XN S72.24XK S72.24XM
S72.24XN S72.25XK S72.25XM S72.25XN S72.301K S72.301M S72.301N
S72.302K S72.302M S72.302N S72.321K S72.321M S72.321N S72.322K
S72.322M S72.322N S72.324K S72.324M S72.324N S72.325K S72.325M
S72.325N S72.331K S72.331M S72.331N S72.332K S72.332M S72.332N
S72.334K S72.334M S72.334N S72.335K S72.335M S72.335N S72.341K
S72.341M S72.341N S72.342K S72.342M S72.342N S72.344K S72.344M
S72.344N S72.345K S72.345M S72.345N S72.351K S72.351M S72.351N
S72.352K S72.352M S72.352N S72.354K S72.354M S72.354N S72.355K
S72.355M S72.355N S72.361K S72.361M S72.361N S72.362K S72.362M
S72.362N S72.364K S72.364M S72.364N S72.365K S72.365M S72.365N
S72.391K S72.391M S72.391N S72.392K S72.392M S72.392N S72.401K
S72.401M S72.401N S72.402K S72.402M S72.402N S72.411K S72.411M
S72.411N S72.412K S72.412M S72.412N S72.414K S72.414M S72.414N
S72.415K S72.415M S72.415N S72.421K S72.421M S72.421N S72.422K
S72.422M S72.422N S72.424K S72.424M S72.424N S72.425K S72.425M
S72.425N S72.431K S72.431M S72.431N S72.432K S72.432M S72.432N
S72.434K S72.434M S72.434N S72.435K S72.435M S72.435N S72.441K
S72.441M S72.441N S72.442K S72.442M S72.442N S72.444K S72.444M
S72.444N S72.445K S72.445M S72.445N S72.451K S72.451M S72.451N
S72.452K S72.452M S72.452N S72.454K S72.454M S72.454N S72.455K
S72.455M S72.455N S72.461K S72.461M S72.461N S72.462K S72.462M
S72.462N S72.464K S72.464M S72.464N S72.465K S72.465M S72.465N
S72.471K S72.472K S72.491K S72.491M S72.491N S72.492K S72.492M
S72.492N S72.8X1K S72.8X1M S72.8X1N S72.8X2K S72.8X2M S72.8X2N
S72.8X9K S72.8X9M S72.8X9N S72.91XK S72.91XM S72.91XN S72.92XK
S72.92XM S72.92XN S79.001K S79.002K S79.011K S79.012K S79.091K
S79.092K S79.101K S79.102K S79.111K S79.112K S79.121K S79.122K
S79.131K S79.132K S79.141K S79.142K S79.191K S79.192K S82.001K
S82.001M S82.001N S82.002K S82.002M S82.002N S82.011K S82.011M
S82.011N S82.012K S82.012M S82.012N S82.014K S82.014M S82.014N
S82.015K S82.015M S82.015N S82.021K S82.021M S82.021N S82.022K
S82.022M S82.022N S82.024K S82.024M S82.024N S82.025K S82.025M
S82.025N S82.031K S82.031M S82.031N S82.032K S82.032M S82.032N
S82.034K S82.034M S82.034N S82.035K S82.035M S82.035N S82.041K
S82.041M S82.041N S82.042K S82.042M S82.042N S82.044K S82.044M
S82.044N S82.045K S82.045M S82.045N S82.091K S82.091M S82.091N
S82.092K S82.092M S82.092N S82.101K S82.101M S82.101N S82.102K
S82.102M S82.102N S82.111K S82.111M S82.111N S82.112K S82.112M
S82.112N S82.114K S82.114M S82.114N S82.115K S82.115M S82.115N
S82.121K S82.121M S82.121N S82.122K S82.122M S82.122N S82.124K
S82.124M S82.124N S82.125K S82.125M S82.125N S82.131K S82.131M
S82.131N S82.132K S82.132M S82.132N S82.134K S82.134M S82.134N
S82.135K S82.135M S82.135N S82.141K S82.141M S82.141N S82.142K
S82.142M S82.142N S82.144K S82.144M S82.144N S82.145K S82.145M
S82.145N S82.151K S82.151M S82.151N S82.152K S82.152M S82.152N
S82.154K S82.154M S82.154N S82.155K S82.155M S82.155N S82.161K
S82.162K S82.191K S82.191M S82.191N S82.192K S82.192M S82.192N
S82.201K S82.201M S82.201N S82.202K S82.202M S82.202N S82.221K
S82.221M S82.221N S82.222K S82.222M S82.222N S82.224K S82.224M
S82.224N S82.225K S82.225M S82.225N S82.231K S82.231M S82.231N
S82.232K S82.232M S82.232N S82.234K S82.234M S82.234N S82.235K
S82.235M S82.235N S82.241K S82.241M S82.241N S82.242K S82.242M
S82.242N S82.244K S82.244M S82.244N S82.245K S82.245M S82.245N
S82.251K S82.251M S82.251N S82.252K S82.252M S82.252N S82.254K
S82.254M S82.254N S82.255K S82.255M S82.255N S82.261K S82.261M
S82.261N S82.262K S82.262M S82.262N S82.264K S82.264M S82.264N
S82.265K S82.265M S82.265N S82.291K S82.291M S82.291N S82.292K
S82.292M S82.292N S82.301K S82.301M S82.301N S82.302K S82.302M
S82.302N S82.311K S82.312K S82.391K S82.391M S82.391N S82.392K
S82.392M S82.392N S82.401K S82.401M S82.401N S82.402K S82.402M
S82.402N S82.421K S82.421M S82.421N S82.422K S82.422M S82.422N
S82.424K S82.424M S82.424N S82.425K S82.425M S82.425N S82.431K
S82.431M S82.431N S82.432K S82.432M S82.432N S82.434K S82.434M
S82.434N S82.435K S82.435M S82.435N S82.441K S82.441M S82.441N
S82.442K S82.442M S82.442N S82.444K S82.444M S82.444N S82.445K
S82.445M S82.445N S82.451K S82.451M S82.451N S82.452K S82.452M
S82.452N S82.454K S82.454M S82.454N S82.455K S82.455M S82.455N
S82.461K S82.461M S82.461N S82.462K S82.462M S82.462N S82.464K
S82.464M S82.464N S82.465K S82.465M S82.465N S82.491K S82.491M
S82.491N S82.492K S82.492M S82.492N S82.51XK S82.51XM S82.51XN
S82.52XK S82.52XM S82.52XN S82.54XK S82.54XM S82.54XN S82.55XK
S82.55XM S82.55XN S82.61XK S82.61XM S82.61XN S82.62XK S82.62XM
S82.62XN S82.64XK S82.64XM S82.64XN S82.65XK S82.65XM S82.65XN
S82.811K S82.812K S82.821K S82.822K S82.831K S82.831M S82.831N
S82.832K S82.832M S82.832N S82.841K S82.841M S82.841N S82.842K
S82.842M S82.842N S82.844K S82.844M S82.844N S82.845K S82.845M
S82.845N S82.851K S82.851M S82.851N S82.852K S82.852M S82.852N
S82.854K S82.854M S82.854N S82.855K S82.855M S82.855N S82.861K
S82.861M S82.861N S82.862K S82.862M S82.862N S82.864K S82.864M
S82.864N S82.865K S82.865M S82.865N S82.871K S82.871M S82.871N
S82.872K S82.872M S82.872N S82.874K S82.874M S82.874N S82.875K
S82.875M S82.875N S82.891K S82.891M S82.891N S82.892K S82.892M
S82.892N S82.91XK S82.91XM S82.91XN S82.92XK S82.92XM S82.92XN
S89.001K S89.002K S89.011K S89.012K S89.021K S89.022K S89.031K
S89.032K S89.041K S89.042K S89.091K S89.092K S89.101K S89.102K
S89.111K S89.112K S89.121K S89.122K S89.131K S89.132K S89.141K
S89.142K S89.191K S89.192K S89.201K S89.202K S89.211K S89.212K
S89.221K S89.222K S89.291K S89.292K S89.301K S89.302K S89.311K
S89.312K S89.321K S89.322K S89.391K S89.392K S92.001K S92.002K
S92.011K S92.012K S92.014K S92.015K S92.021K S92.022K S92.024K
S92.025K S92.031K S92.032K S92.034K S92.035K S92.041K S92.042K
S92.044K S92.045K S92.051K S92.052K S92.054K S92.055K S92.061K
S92.062K S92.064K S92.065K S92.101K S92.102K S92.111K S92.112K
S92.114K S92.115K S92.121K S92.122K S92.124K S92.125K S92.131K
S92.132K S92.134K S92.135K S92.141K S92.142K S92.144K S92.145K
S92.151K S92.152K S92.154K S92.155K S92.191K S92.192K S92.201K
S92.202K S92.211K S92.212K S92.214K S92.215K S92.221K S92.222K
S92.224K S92.225K S92.231K S92.232K S92.234K S92.235K S92.241K
S92.242K S92.244K S92.245K S92.251K S92.252K S92.254K S92.255K
S92.301A S92.301K S92.302A S92.302K S92.311K S92.312K S92.313A
S92.313K S92.314A S92.314K S92.315A S92.315K S92.321A S92.321K
S92.322A S92.322K S92.324A S92.324K S92.325A S92.325K S92.331A
S92.331K S92.332A S92.332K S92.334A S92.334K S92.335A S92.335K
S92.341A S92.341K S92.342A S92.342K S92.344A S92.344K S92.345A
S92.345K S92.351A S92.351K S92.352A S92.352K S92.354A S92.354K
S92.355A S92.355K S92.401K S92.402K S92.404K S92.405K S92.411K
S92.412K S92.414K S92.415K S92.421K S92.422K S92.424K S92.425K
S92.491K S92.492K S92.501K S92.502K S92.504K S92.505K S92.511K
S92.512K S92.514K S92.515K S92.521K S92.522K S92.524K S92.525K
S92.531K S92.532K S92.534K S92.535K S92.591K S92.592K S92.901K
S92.902K S92.911K S92.912K S92.919K Z92.240 Z92.241