You rely on BCBSND not just to pay medical claims but to make your health care dollars go farther. One of the ways we're delivering on that promise is through BlueAlliance.

As the price of health care continues to increase, the solution isn't simply to cut costs. Rather, it's collaborating with doctors to provide you a better care experience, better health outcomes and curb costs at the same time.

That's the purpose of BlueAlliance.

You won't likely hear your health care providers mention it by name, but you'll recognize their participation in Blue Alliance as they:

  • Encourage you to assign a primary care provider
  • Reach out to you more proactively, inviting you in for covered screenings and preventive care
  • Work more closely with you to coordinate with specialists
  • Shepherd you through your medical care

BlueAlliance is also a new, improved payment system—one that reimburses providers for the value, not the volume of care. Programs like this are the means to curb escalating health care costs and ensure a more sustainable health care system for the future.