Intraoperative Neurophysiologic Monitoring (Sensory-Evoked Potentials, Motor-Evoked Potentials, EEG Monitoring)

Section: Diagnostic Medical
Effective Date: November 01, 2019
Revised Date: October 15, 2019


Intraoperative neurophysiologic monitoring (IONM) describes a variety of procedures that have been used to monitor the integrity of neural pathways during high-risk neurosurgical, orthopedic, and vascular surgeries.


IONM,includes somatosensory-evoked potentials, motor-evoked potentials using transcranial electrical stimulation, brainstem auditory-evoked potentials, electromyography (EMG) of cranial nerves, electroencephalogram (EEG), and electrocorticography (ECoG), may be considered medically necessary for ANY of the following procedures:

  • Surgery of the aortic arch, its branch vessels, or thoracic aorta, including carotid artery surgery, when there is risk of cerebral or spinal cord ischemia; or
  • Resection of epileptogenic brain tissue or tumor; or
  • Resection of brain tissue close to the primary motor cortex and requiring brain mapping; or
  • Protection of cranial nerves during:
    • Resection of tumors involving the cranial nerves; or
    • Cavernous sinus tumors; or
    • Microvascular decompression of cranial nerves; or
    • Skull base surgery in the vicinity of the cranial nerves and surgeries of the foramen magnum; or
    • Oval or round window graft; or
  • Endolymphatic shunt for Meniere’s disease; or
  • Vestibular section for vertigo; or
  • Correction of scoliosis or deformity of spinal cord involving traction of the cord; or
  • Protection of spinal cord where work is performed in proximity to cord as in the placement or removal of old hardware or where there have been numerous interventions; or
  • Spinal instrumentation requiring pedicle screws or distraction; or
  • Decompressive procedures on the spinal cord or cauda equina carried out for myelopathy or claudication where function of spinal cord or spinal nerves is at risk; or
  • Spinal cord tumors and spinal fractures (with the risk of cord compression); or
  • Neuromas of peripheral nerves of brachial plexus, when there is risk to major sensory or motor nerves; or
  • Surgery or embolization for intracranial arteriovenous malformations (AVMs); or
  • Embolization of bronchial artery AVMs or tumors; or
  • Surgery for arteriovenous malformation of spinal cord; or
  • Cerebral vascular aneurysms; or
  • Surgery for intractable movement disorders; or
  • Arteriography, during which there is a test occlusion of the carotid artery; or
  • Circulatory arrest with hypothermia [does not include surgeries performed under circulatory bypass (e.g., coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG), ventricular aneurysms); or
  • Distal aortic procedures, where there is risk of ischemia to spinal cord; or
  • Leg lengthening procedures, where there is traction on sciatic nerve or other nerve trunks; or
  • Basal ganglia movement disorders; or
  • Surgery as a result of traumatic injury to spinal cord/brain; or
  • Deep brain stimulation; or
  • Certain thyroid surgeries when there is;
    • Total removal of a complete lobe of the thyroid; or
    • Removal of the entire gland; or
    • Re-entry (re-operation) to a prior surgical field where scar tissue obscures the visual path of the recurrent laryngeal nerve.

Intraoperative neurophysiologic monitoring for any other procedure not listed above is considered not medically necessary.

Procedure Codes

92585 92586 95829 95860 95861 95863 95864
95867 95868 95907 95908 95910 95911 95912
95913 95925 95926 95927 95928 95929 95937
95938 95939 95940 95941 95955 G0453

Neurophysiological studies

Neurophysiological studies may be reimbursed individually whether performed independently or in conjunction with each other. However, if a provider reports any neurophysiological studies in addition to comprehensive evoked response audiometry, the charges should be combined and processed under code 92585. Modifier 59 may be reported with a non-E/M service, to identify it as distinct or independent from other non-E/M services performed on the same day. When modifier 59 is reported, the patient's records must support its use in accordance with CPT guidelines.


IONM should be reported under procedure code 95940, 95941, G0453 regardless of the specific monitoring performed (e.g., brainstem auditory evoked response, somatosensory evoked potentials, etc.). If any of the testing codes for neurophysiological monitoring are reported in conjunction with 95940, 95941, G0453 the services should be combined and processed under 95940, 95941, G0453. Modifier 59 may be reported with a non-E/M service, to identify it as distinct or independent from other non-E/M services performed on the same day. When modifier 59 is reported, the patient's records must support its use in accordance with CPT guidelines.

Reimbursement is limited to either 95940 (continuous intraoperative neurophysiology monitoring in the operating room, one on one monitoring requiring personal attendance, each 15 minutes (list separately in addition to code for primary procedure) or 95941 (continuous intraoperative neurophysiology monitoring, from outside the operating room (remote or nearby) or for monitoring of more than one case while in the operating room, per hour (List separately in addition to code for primary procedure)) per date of service.

Procedure Codes

92585 95940 95941 G0453

Intraoperative monitoring of visual-evoked potentials is considered experimental/investigational and therefore non-covered, due to a lack of scientific peer reviewed literature.

Intraoperative EMG and nerve conduction velocity monitoring during surgery on the peripheral nerves is considered not medically necessary.

Intraoperative monitoring of motor-evoked potentials using transcranial magnetic stimulation is considered experimental/investigational due to a lack of scientific peer reviewed literature and therefore non-covered.

Procedure Codes

0464T 95930 

Diagnosis Codes

Covered diagnosis codes for procedure codes 92586, 95829, 95860, 95861, 95863,95864, 95907, 95908, 95910, 95911, 95912, 95913, 95926, 95927, 95928, 95929, 95940, 95941, 95955, and G0453


C07 C41.2 C41.4 C47.9 C49.3 C70.0 C70.1
C70.9 C71.0 C71.1 C71.2 C71.3 C71.4 C71.5
C71.6 C71.7 C71.8 C71.9 C72.0 C72.1 C72.20
C72.21 C72.22 C72.30 C72.31 C72.32 C72.40 C72.41
C72.42 C72.50 C72.59 C72.9 C73 C79.31 C79.32
C79.40 C79.49 C79.51 C79.89 D21.0 D32.0 D32.1
D32.9 D33.0 D33.1 D33.2 D33.3 D33.4 D33.7
D33.9 D36.11 D36.12 D36.13 D42.0 D42.1 D42.9
D43.0 D43.1 D43.2 D43.3 D43.4 D43.8 D43.9
D44.3 D44.4 D44.5 D44.6 D44.7 D49.6 E05.00
E05.01 E05.10 E05.11 E05.20 E05.21 E05.30 E05.31
E05.40 E05.41 E05.80 E05.81 E05.90 E05.91 E07.9
G06.1 G10 G20 G24.01 G24.02 G24.09 G24.1
G24.2 G24.3 G24.4 G24.5 G24.8 G24.9 G25.0
G25.1 G25.2 G25.5 G25.70 G25.71 G25.79 G25.89
G25.9 G26 G40.111 G40.119 G40.211 G40.219 G40.311
G40.319 G40.411 G40.419 G40.803 G40.804 G45.0 G45.1
G45.2 G45.8 G45.9 G46.0 G46.1 G46.2 G46.3
G46.4 G50.0 G50.1 G52.9 G53 G54.0 G54.1
G54.2 G54.3 G54.4 G80.4 G80.8 G80.9 G83.4
G93.5 G95.0 G95.19 G95.20 G95.29 G95.89 G95.9
H71.00 H71.01 H71.02 H71.03 H71.10 H71.11 H71.12
H71.13 H71.20 H71.21 H71.22 H71.23 H71.30 H71.31
H71.32 H71.33 H71.90 H71.91 H71.92 H71.93 H74.40
H74.41 H74.42 H74.43 H81.01 H81.02 H81.03 H81.09
H81.41 H81.42 H81.43 H81.49 H83.11 H83.12 H83.13
H83.19 I46.8 I46.9 I60.00 I60.01 I60.02 I60.10
I60.11 I60.12 I60.2 I60.30 I60.31 I60.32 I60.4
I60.50 I60.51 I60.52 I60.6 I60.7 I60.8 I60.9
I61.0 I61.1 I61.2 I61.3 I61.4 I61.5 I61.6
I61.8 I61.9 I62.00 I62.01 I62.02 I62.03 I62.1
I62.9 I63.00 I63.011 I63.012 I63.013 I63.019 I63.02
I63.031 I63.032 I63.033 I63.039 I63.09 I63.10 I63.111
I63.112 I63.113 I63.119 I63.12 I63.131 I63.132 I63.133
I63.139 I63.19 I63.20 I63.211 I63.212 I63.213 I63.219
I63.22 I63.231 I63.232 I63.233 I63.239 I63.29 I63.30
I63.311 I63.312 I63.313 I63.319 I63.321 I63.322 I63.323
I63.329 I63.331 I63.332 I63.333 I63.339 I63.341 I63.342
I63.343 I63.349 I63.39 I63.40 I63.411 I63.412 I63.413
I63.419 I63.421 I63.422 I63.423 I63.429 I63.431 I63.432
I63.433 I63.439 I63.441 I63.442 I63.443 I63.449 I63.49
I63.50 I63.511 I63.512 I63.513 I63.519 I63.521 I63.522
I63.523 I63.529 I63.531 I63.532 I63.533 I63.539 I63.541
I63.542 I63.543 I63.549 I63.59 I63.6 I63.81 I63.89
I63.8 I63.9 I65.01 I65.02 I65.03 I65.09 I65.1
I65.21 I65.22 I65.23 I65.29 I65.8 I65.9 I66.01
I66.02 I66.03 I66.09 I66.11 I66.12 I66.13 I66.19
I66.21 I66.22 I66.23 I66.29 I66.3 I66.8 I66.9
I67.0 I67.1 I67.2 I67.5 I67.841 I67.848 I71.00
I71.01 I71.02 I71.03 I71.1 I71.2 I71.3 I71.4
I71.5 I71.6 I71.8 I71.9 I77.71 I77.74 I77.75
I77.79 I79.0 M21.751 M21.752 M21.759 M21.761 M21.762
M21.763 M21.764 M21.769 M40.00 M40.03 M40.04 M40.05
M40.10 M40.12 M40.13 M40.14 M40.15 M40.202 M40.203
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M41.122 M41.123 M41.124 M41.125 M41.126 M41.127 M41.129
M41.20 M41.22 M41.23 M41.24 M41.25 M41.26 M41.27
M41.30 M41.34 M41.35 M41.40 M41.41 M41.42 M41.43
M41.44 M41.45 M41.46 M41.47 M41.50 M41.52 M41.53
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M47.013 M47.014 M47.015 M47.016 M47.019 M47.021 M47.022
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M47.818 M47.891 M47.892 M47.893 M47.896 M47.897 M47.898
M48.00 M48.01 M48.02 M48.03 M48.04 M48.05 M48.061
M48.062 M48.07 M48.08 M50.00 M50.01 M50.020 M50.021
M50.022 M50.023 M50.03 M50.10 M50.11 M50.120 M50.121
M50.122 M50.123 M50.13 M50.20 M50.21 M50.220 M50.221
M50.222 M50.223 M50.23 M50.30 M50.31 M50.321 M50.322
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M99.71 M99.72 M99.73 M99.74 M99.75 M99.76 M99.77
M99.78 M99.79 P11.1 P11.2 P11.3 P11.4 P11.5
P11.9 P14.0 P14.1 P14.2 P14.3 P14.8 P14.9
Q05.0 Q05.1 Q05.2 Q05.3 Q05.4 Q05.5 Q05.6
Q05.7 Q05.8 Q05.9 Q06.8 Q07.00 Q07.01 Q07.02
Q07.03 Q25.72 Q27.39 Q27.9 Q28.2 Q28.3 Q77.8
Q77.9 Q85.00 Q85.01 Q85.02 Q85.03 Q85.09 S06.1X0A
S06.1X0D S06.1X0S S06.1X1A S06.1X1D S06.1X1S S06.1X2A S06.1X2D
S06.1X2S S06.1X3A S06.1X3D S06.1X3S S06.1X4A S06.1X4D S06.1X4S
S06.1X5A S06.1X5D S06.1X5S S06.1X6A S06.1X6D S06.1X6S S06.1X7A
S06.1X8A S06.1X9A S06.1X9D S06.1X9S S06.2X0A S06.2X0D S06.2X0S
S06.2X1A S06.2X1D S06.2X1S S06.2X2A S06.2X2D S06.2X2S S06.2X3A
S06.2X3D S06.2X3S S06.2X4A S06.2X4D S06.2X4S S06.2X5A S06.2X5D
S06.2X5S S06.2X6A S06.2X6D S06.2X6S S06.2X7A S06.2X7D S06.2X7S
S06.2X8A S06.2X9A S06.2X9D S06.2X9S S06.300A S06.300D S06.300S
S06.301A S06.301D S06.301S S06.302A S06.302D S06.302S S06.303A
S06.303D S06.303S S06.304A S06.304D S06.304S S06.305A S06.305D
S06.305S S06.306A S06.306D S06.306S S06.307A S06.308A S06.309A
S06.309D S06.309S S06.310A S06.310D S06.310S S06.311A S06.311D
S06.311S S06.312A S06.312D S06.312S S06.313A S06.313D S06.313S
S06.314A S06.314D S06.314S S06.315A S06.315D S06.315S S06.316A
S06.316D S06.316S S06.317A S06.318A S06.319A S06.319D S06.319S
S06.320A S06.320D S06.320S S06.321A S06.321D S06.321S S06.322A
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S06.327A S06.328A S06.329A S06.329D S06.329S S06.330A S06.330D
S06.330S S06.331A S06.331D S06.331S S06.332A S06.332D S06.332S
S06.333A S06.333D S06.333S S06.334A S06.334D S06.334S S06.335A
S06.335D S06.335S S06.336A S06.336D S06.336S S06.337A S06.338A
S06.339A S06.339D S06.339S S06.340A S06.340D S06.340S S06.341A
S06.341D S06.341S S06.342A S06.342D S06.342S S06.343A S06.343D
S06.343S S06.344A S06.344D S06.344S S06.345A S06.345D S06.345S
S06.346A S06.346D S06.346S S06.347A S06.348A S06.349A S06.349D
S06.349S S06.350A S06.350D S06.350S S06.351A S06.351D S06.351S
S06.352A S06.352D S06.352S S06.353A S06.353D S06.353S S06.354A
S06.354D S06.354S S06.355A S06.355D S06.355S S06.356A S06.356D
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S06.365A S06.365D S06.365S S06.366A S06.366D S06.366S S06.367A
S06.368A S06.369A S06.369D S06.369S S06.370A S06.370D S06.370S
S06.371A S06.371D S06.371S S06.372A S06.372D S06.372S S06.373A
S06.373D S06.373S S06.374A S06.374D S06.374S S06.375A S06.375D
S06.375S S06.376A S06.376D S06.376S S06.377A S06.378A S06.379A
S06.379D S06.379S S06.380A S06.380D S06.380S S06.381A S06.381D
S06.381S S06.382A S06.382D S06.382S S06.383A S06.383D S06.383S
S06.384A S06.384D S06.384S S06.385A S06.385D S06.385S S06.386A
S06.386D S06.386S S06.387A S06.388A S06.389A S06.389D S06.389S
S06.4X0A S06.4X0D S06.4X0S S06.4X1A S06.4X1D S06.4X1S S06.4X2A
S06.4X2D S06.4X2S S06.4X3A S06.4X3D S06.4X3S S06.4X4A S06.4X4D
S06.4X4S S06.4X5A S06.4X5D S06.4X5S S06.4X6A S06.4X6D S06.4X6S
S06.4X7A S06.4X8A S06.4X9A S06.4X9D S06.4X9S S06.5X0A S06.5X0D
S06.5X0S S06.5X1A S06.5X1D S06.5X1S S06.5X2A S06.5X2D S06.5X2S
S06.5X3A S06.5X3D S06.5X3S S06.5X4A S06.5X4D S06.5X4S S06.5X5A
S06.5X5D S06.5X5S S06.5X6A S06.5X6D S06.5X6S S06.5X7A S06.5X8A
S06.5X9A S06.5X9D S06.5X9S S06.6X0A S06.6X0D S06.6X0S S06.6X1A
S06.6X1D S06.6X1S S06.6X2A S06.6X2D S06.6X2S S06.6X3A S06.6X3D
S06.6X3S S06.6X4A S06.6X4D S06.6X4S S06.6X5A S06.6X5D S06.6X5S
S06.6X6A S06.6X6D S06.6X6S S06.6X7A S06.6X8A S06.6X9A S06.6X9D
S06.6X9S S06.890A S06.890D S06.890S S06.891A S06.891D S06.891S
S06.892A S06.892D S06.892S S06.893A S06.893D S06.893S S06.894A
S06.894D S06.894S S06.895A S06.895D S06.895S S06.896A S06.896D
S06.896S S06.897A S06.898A S06.899A S06.899D S06.899S S06.9X0A
S06.9X0D S06.9X0S S06.9X1A S06.9X1D S06.9X1S S06.9X2A S06.9X2D
S06.9X2S S06.9X3A S06.9X3D S06.9X3S S06.9X4A S06.9X4D S06.9X4S
S06.9X5A S06.9X5D S06.9X5S S06.9X6A S06.9X6D S06.9X6S S06.9X7A
S06.9X8A S06.9X9A S06.9X9D S06.9X9S S12.000A S12.000B S12.000S
S12.001A S12.001B S12.001S S12.01XS S12.02XS S12.030S S12.031S
S12.040S S12.041S S12.090S S12.091S S12.100A S12.100B S12.100S
S12.101A S12.101B S12.101S S12.110A S12.110B S12.110S S12.111A
S12.111B S12.111S S12.112A S12.112B S12.112S S12.120A S12.120B
S12.120S S12.130A S12.130B S12.130S S12.131A S12.131B S12.131S
S12.14XA S12.14XB S12.14XS S12.150A S12.150B S12.150S S12.151A
S12.151B S12.151S S12.190A S12.190B S12.190S S12.191A S12.191B
S12.191S S12.200A S12.200B S12.200S S12.201A S12.201B S12.201S
S12.230A S12.230B S12.230S S12.231A S12.231B S12.231S S12.24XA
S12.24XB S12.24XS S12.250A S12.250B S12.250S S12.251A S12.251B
S12.251S S12.290A S12.290B S12.290S S12.291A S12.291B S12.291S
S12.300A S12.300B S12.300S S12.301A S12.301B S12.301S S12.330A
S12.330B S12.330S S12.331A S12.331B S12.331S S12.34XA S12.34XB
S12.34XS S12.350A S12.350B S12.350S S12.351A S12.351B S12.351S
S12.390A S12.390B S12.390S S12.391A S12.391B S12.391S S12.400A
S12.400B S12.400S S12.401A S12.401B S12.401S S12.430A S12.430B
S12.430S S12.431A S12.431B S12.431S S12.44XA S12.44XB S12.44XS
S12.450A S12.450B S12.450S S12.451A S12.451B S12.451S S12.490A
S12.490B S12.490S S12.491A S12.491B S12.491S S12.500A S12.500B
S12.500S S12.501A S12.501B S12.501S S12.530A S12.530B S12.530S
S12.531A S12.531B S12.531S S12.54XA S12.54XB S12.54XS S12.550A
S12.550B S12.550S S12.551A S12.551B S12.551S S12.590A S12.590B
S12.590S S12.591A S12.591B S12.591S S12.600A S12.600B S12.600S
S12.601A S12.601B S12.601S S12.630A S12.630B S12.630S S12.631A
S12.631B S12.631S S12.64XA S12.64XB S12.64XS S12.650A S12.650B
S12.650S S12.651A S12.651B S12.651S S12.690A S12.690B S12.690S
S12.691A S12.691B S12.691S S12.9XXA S12.9XXD S12.9XXS S14.101A
S14.101D S14.101S S14.102A S14.102D S14.102S S14.103A S14.103D
S14.103S S14.104A S14.104D S14.104S S14.105A S14.105D S14.105S
S14.106A S14.106D S14.106S S14.107A S14.107D S14.107S S14.108D
S14.108S S14.109A S14.109D S14.109S S14.111A S14.111D S14.111S
S14.112A S14.112D S14.112S S14.113A S14.113D S14.113S S14.114A
S14.114D S14.114S S14.115A S14.115D S14.115S S14.116A S14.116D
S14.116S S14.117A S14.117D S14.117S S14.118D S14.118S S14.119D
S14.119S S14.121A S14.121D S14.121S S14.122A S14.122D S14.122S
S14.123A S14.123D S14.123S S14.124A S14.124D S14.124S S14.125A
S14.125D S14.125S S14.126A S14.126D S14.126S S14.127A S14.127D
S14.127S S14.128D S14.128S S14.129D S14.129S S14.131A S14.131D
S14.131S S14.132A S14.132D S14.132S S14.133A S14.133D S14.133S
S14.134A S14.134D S14.134S S14.135A S14.135D S14.135S S14.136A
S14.136D S14.136S S14.137A S14.137D S14.137S S14.138A S14.138D
S14.138S S14.139A S14.139D S14.139S S14.141A S14.141D S14.141S
S14.142A S14.142D S14.142S S14.143A S14.143D S14.143S S14.144A
S14.144D S14.144S S14.145A S14.145D S14.145S S14.146A S14.146D
S14.146S S14.147A S14.147D S14.147S S14.148A S14.148D S14.148S
S14.149A S14.149D S14.149S S14.151A S14.151S S14.152A S14.152S
S14.153A S14.153S S14.154A S14.154S S14.155A S14.155S S14.156A
S14.156S S14.157A S14.157S S14.158A S14.158S S14.159A S14.159S
S14.2XXA S14.2XXS S14.3XXA S14.3XXS S14.4XXA S14.4XXS S14.5XXA
S14.5XXS S22.000A S22.000B S22.000S S22.001A S22.001B S22.001S
S22.002A S22.002B S22.002S S22.008A S22.008B S22.008S S22.009A
S22.009B S22.009S S22.010A S22.010B S22.010S S22.011A S22.011B
S22.011S S22.012A S22.012B S22.012S S22.018A S22.018B S22.018S
S22.019A S22.019B S22.019S S22.020A S22.020B S22.020S S22.021A
S22.021B S22.021S S22.022A S22.022B S22.022S S22.028A S22.028B
S22.028S S22.029A S22.029B S22.029S S22.030A S22.030B S22.030S
S22.031A S22.031B S22.031S S22.032A S22.032B S22.032S S22.038A
S22.038B S22.038S S22.039A S22.039B S22.039S S22.040A S22.040B
S22.040S S22.041A S22.041B S22.041S S22.042A S22.042B S22.042S
S22.048A S22.048B S22.048S S22.049A S22.049B S22.049S S22.050A
S22.050B S22.050S S22.051A S22.051B S22.051S S22.052A S22.052B
S22.052S S22.058A S22.058B S22.058S S22.059A S22.059B S22.059S
S22.060A S22.060B S22.060S S22.061A S22.061B S22.061S S22.062A
S22.062B S22.062S S22.068A S22.068B S22.068S S22.069A S22.069B
S22.069S S22.070A S22.070B S22.070S S22.071A S22.071B S22.071S
S22.072A S22.072B S22.072S S22.078A S22.078B S22.078S S22.079A
S22.079B S22.079S S22.080A S22.080B S22.080S S22.081A S22.081B
S22.081S S22.082A S22.082B S22.082S S22.088A S22.088B S22.088S
S22.089A S22.089B S22.089S S24.0XXA S24.0XXS S24.101A S24.101S
S24.102A S24.102S S24.103A S24.103S S24.104A S24.104S S24.109A
S24.109S S24.111A S24.111S S24.112A S24.112S S24.113A S24.113S
S24.114A S24.114S S24.119A S24.119S S24.131A S24.131S S24.132A
S24.132S S24.133A S24.133S S24.134A S24.134S S24.139A S24.139S
S24.141A S24.141S S24.142A S24.142S S24.143A S24.143S S24.144A
S24.144S S24.149A S24.149S S24.151A S24.151S S24.152A S24.152S
S24.153A S24.153S S24.154A S24.154S S24.159A S24.159S S24.2XXA
S24.2XXS S32.000A S32.000B S32.000S S32.001A S32.001B S32.001S
S32.002A S32.002B S32.002S S32.008A S32.008B S32.008S S32.009A
S32.009B S32.009S S32.010A S32.010B S32.010S S32.011A S32.011B
S32.011S S32.012A S32.012B S32.012S S32.018A S32.018B S32.018S
S32.019A S32.019B S32.019S S32.020A S32.020B S32.020S S32.021A
S32.021B S32.021S S32.022A S32.022B S32.022S S32.028A S32.028B
S32.028S S32.029A S32.029B S32.029S S32.030A S32.030B S32.030S
S32.031A S32.031B S32.031S S32.032A S32.032B S32.032S S32.038A
S32.038B S32.038S S32.039A S32.039B S32.039S S32.040A S32.040B
S32.040S S32.041A S32.041B S32.041S S32.042A S32.042B S32.042S
S32.048A S32.048B S32.048S S32.049A S32.049B S32.049S S32.050A
S32.050B S32.050S S32.051A S32.051B S32.051S S32.052A S32.052B
S32.052S S32.058A S32.058B S32.058S S32.059A S32.059B S32.059S
S32.10XA S32.10XB S32.10XS S32.110A S32.110B S32.110S S32.111A
S32.111B S32.111S S32.112A S32.112B S32.112S S32.119A S32.119B
S32.119S S32.120A S32.120B S32.120S S32.121A S32.121B S32.121S
S32.122A S32.122B S32.122S S32.129A S32.129B S32.129S S32.130A
S32.130B S32.130S S32.131A S32.131B S32.131S S32.132A S32.132B
S32.132S S32.139A S32.139B S32.139S S32.14XA S32.14XB S32.14XS
S32.15XA S32.15XB S32.15XS S32.16XA S32.16XB S32.16XS S32.17XA
S32.17XB S32.17XS S32.19XA S32.19XB S32.19XS S32.2XXA S32.2XXB
S32.2XXS S34.01XA S34.01XS S34.02XA S34.02XS S34.101A S34.101S
S34.102A S34.102S S34.103A S34.103S S34.104A S34.104S S34.105A
S34.105S S34.109A S34.109S S34.111A S34.111S S34.112A S34.112S
S34.113A S34.113S S34.114A S34.114S S34.115A S34.115S S34.119A
S34.119S S34.121A S34.121S S34.122A S34.122S S34.123A S34.123S
S34.124A S34.124S S34.125A S34.125S S34.129A S34.129S S34.131A
S34.131S S34.132A S34.132S S34.139A S34.139S S34.21XA S34.21XS
S34.22XA S34.22XS S34.3XXA S34.3XXS S34.4XXA S34.4XXS S44.00XA
S44.00XS S44.01XA S44.01XS S44.02XA S44.02XS S44.10XA S44.10XS
S44.11XA S44.11XS S44.12XA S44.12XS S44.20XA S44.20XS S44.21XA
S44.21XS S44.22XA S44.22XS S44.30XA S44.30XS S44.31XA S44.31XS
S44.32XA S44.32XS S44.40XA S44.40XS S44.41XA S44.41XS S44.42XA
S44.42XS S44.50XA S44.50XS S44.51XA S44.51XS S44.52XA S44.52XS
S44.8X1A S44.8X1S S44.8X2A S44.8X2S S44.8X9A S44.8X9S S44.90XA
S44.90XS S44.91XA S44.91XS S44.92XA S44.92XS S54.00XA S54.00XS
S54.01XA S54.01XS S54.02XA S54.02XS S54.10XA S54.10XS S54.11XA
S54.11XS S54.12XA S54.12XS S54.20XA S54.20XS S54.21XA S54.21XS
S54.22XA S54.22XS S54.30XA S54.30XS S54.31XA S54.31XS S54.32XA
S54.32XS S54.8X1A S54.8X1S S54.8X2A S54.8X2S S54.8X9A S54.8X9S
S54.90XA S54.91XA S54.92XA S64.00XA S64.00XS S64.01XA S64.01XS
S64.02XA S64.02XS S64.10XA S64.10XS S64.11XA S64.11XS S64.12XA
S64.12XS S64.20XA S64.20XS S64.21XA S64.21XS S64.22XA S64.22XS
S64.30XA S64.30XS S64.31XA S64.31XS S64.32XA S64.32XS S64.40XA
S64.40XS S64.490A S64.490S S64.491A S64.491S S64.492A S64.492S
S64.493A S64.493S S64.494A S64.494S S64.495A S64.495S S64.496A
S64.496S S64.497A S64.497S S64.498A S64.498S S64.8X1A S64.8X1S
S64.8X2A S64.8X2S S64.8X9A S64.8X9S S64.90XA S64.90XS S64.91XA
S64.91XS S64.92XA S64.92XS S74.00XA S74.00XS S74.01XA S74.01XS
S74.02XA S74.02XS S74.10XA S74.10XS S74.11XA S74.11XS S74.12XA
S74.12XS S74.20XA S74.20XS S74.21XA S74.21XS S74.22XA S74.22XS
S74.8X1A S74.8X1S S74.8X2A S74.8X2S S74.8X9A S74.8X9S S74.90XA
S74.90XS S74.91XA S74.91XS S74.92XA S74.92XS S84.00XA S84.00XS
S84.01XA S84.01XS S84.02XA S84.02XS S84.10XA S84.10XS S84.11XA
S84.11XS S84.12XA S84.12XS S84.20XA S84.20XS S84.21XA S84.21XS
S84.22XA S84.22XS S84.801A S84.801S S84.802A S84.802S S84.809A
S84.809S S84.90XA S84.90XS S84.91XA S84.91XS S84.92XA S84.92XS
S94.00XA S94.00XS S94.01XA S94.01XS S94.02XA S94.02XS S94.10XA
S94.10XS S94.11XA S94.11XS S94.12XA S94.12XS S94.20XA S94.20XS
S94.21XA S94.21XS S94.22XA S94.22XS S94.30XA S94.30XS S94.31XA
S94.31XS S94.32XA S94.32XS S94.8X1A S94.8X1S S94.8X2A S94.8X2S
S94.8X9A S94.8X9S S94.90XA S94.90XS S94.91XA S94.91XS S94.92XA
S94.92XS T68.XXXA T68.XXXD T68.XXXS T84.216A T84.216D T84.216S
T84.226A T84.226D T84.226S T84.296A T84.296D T84.296S T84.310A
T84.310D T84.310S T84.318A T84.318D T84.318S T84.320A T84.320D
T84.320S T84.328A T84.328D T84.328S T84.390A T84.390D T84.390S
T84.398A T84.398D T84.398S Z45.41 Z45.42 Z45.49