Better health, together

Clinics, hospitals, Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota (BCBSND)—we all share concerns about operating in a complex health care environment—one with great promise but also great cost.

The answer isn’t simply to cut costs but rather to encourage changes in the way care is delivered. And the most effective route to a more viable system is to work together.

Such a solution is underway.

BCBSND worked with North Dakota providers to design BlueAlliance, a deep partnership with clinics and hospitals across the state. Leveraging our wealth of health intelligence and the expertise of the provider community, BlueAlliance facilitates improved care outcomes and promotes members to live healthier lives.


Participation options

As a provider, you have flexibility in how you transition to BlueAlliance. A three-level payment structure allows for varying stages of engagement and payment programs.

Provider measurement

Quality metrics are identical across the network to ensure consistencies in care from provider to provider. 

Foundations of BlueAlliance

BlueAlliance builds on the success of our first patient-centered medical home (PCMH) which piloted in 2005. With a strong focus on prevention, the program incorporates the PCMH model, patient attribution, clinical risk groups and risk adjustments.

Other value-based programs

While BlueAlliance is the solution that addresses North Dakota concerns, it is part of a bigger, nationwide effort of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association to improve health outcomes while containing costs. Each program is tailored to address the needs of the area it serves.

Case management

For your patients with serious illness, BCBSND offers a case management program to help them understand options available and to achieve their optimal health and functional capability.