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Financial Wellness Program Expands Knowledge, Reduces Stress

Sixty-two percent of U.S. adults cite finances as a significant source of stress. Anxiety over money leads to decreased productivity and overall health. Interestingly, financial insecurity isn't always related to lack of money, but lack of skills and knowledge.

Through our partnership with WebMD, we’re offering the Enrich financial wellness program. It offers employees courses, tools and resources to help participants become more educated, empowered and in control of their financial health. It features:

  • Personalized money plans and budgets
  • Mortgage and loan calculators
  • Instant access to financial experts via phone or live chat
  • Student loan guides to understand repayment options
  • Courses on a range of financial topics

Enrich can be customized to meet your company's goals, from decreasing employee stress to increasing 401(k) participation. And it provides robust real-time reporting to show the return on your investment.

There are no links to outside financial services and Enrich will never ask for personal account information.

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