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Resilience Building and Stress Management for a Strong Workforce

A resilient workforce is imperative to organizational and personal success. Highly resilient people are almost 4x more satisfied with their jobs than those with low resilience and 60% less at risk for burnout. Conversely, 34% of those who are low on resilience are strongly inclined to quit their jobs (vs. 10% with high resilience).*

We’ve partnered with meQuilibrium to help your workers build their resilience muscles with a mix of small steps, made up of interactive lessons and activities that will help them evaluate:

  • Stress personality type
  • Thinking patterns that create stress
  • Lifestyle habits that cause overwhelm

Through a personalized program of interactive lessons and activities, employees can take steps to change the way they respond to life’s daily pressures. And when they do so, everything changes. They can begin to experience:

  • Better sleep
  • Increased productivity at work
  • Better overall sense of well-being
  • And other benefits of being resilient

MeQuilibrium also provides robust analytics and insights to give you an understanding of the organization’s top challenges and their impacts to your business. Reports show the issues your workforce is experiencing, allow you to predict and address problems, and help you understand how to strengthen your employees’ power to cope and thrive.

*MeQuilibrium study

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