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HealthyBlue is an Engaging Online Wellness Center

Elevate your well-being with powerful online tools and resources to help meet your wellness goals through fun and engaging programs, tools, challenges and content – all powered by WebMD Health Services.

Get Started with HealthyBlue

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  2. Complete your Authorization for Release of Information – Wellness Programs found in your online member services account.
  3. Get your personalized wellness plan when you complete a short health assessment.

Start with a Snapshot of You

Know your numbers, what it means, and how to make improvements toward total well-being. The following tools make it easy to inform your health and wellness goals that move with you.

  • Health assessment – within minutes of this self-assessment, you get a health score that provides a baseline for comparison.
  • Personal health record – store, maintain track and manage your health information in one centralized, secure location.
  • Device and App Connection Center – stay connected and sync your wearables, devices or other fitness trackers and apps (i.e. MapMyRun, Fitbit, Garmin and more). Data is now automatically imported for a holistic experience. We have been including this in the "Know your numbers" section on other communication pieces.

Stay Motivated and Engaged
It's easier than ever to stay connected and now engaged in your health and wellness.

  • Mobile App – Your HealthyBlue benefits include the Wellness at Your Side (WAYS) app for access on the go. Available for download: Google Play or iOS
  • Wellness Challenges – make fitness fun with friendly competition that develops good health and well-being habits. Popular challenges help you get active, eat better, drink more water, get better sleep and more.
  • WebMD Content – clinically proven and personalized information driven from your assessment, input and preferences. Find interactive health tools, videos and information you can trust.
  • Rewards* - earn points for achieving progress toward your goals or set outcomes. Points can be redeemed within HealthyBlue for cash gift cards.

Find Coaching and Advice
Get a little nudge and motivation toward your health and wellness goals or managing a condition – from trained and certified experts.

  • Digital Health Assistant – the goal setting and tracking tool that helps you set and achieve your health and well-being goals.
  • Pregnancy Assistant – a focus on prenatal care with features and tools to help you enjoy a healthy pregnancy- before, during and after.

*Please note: Not all health insurance plans include, rewards. If you're not sure about what is included in your plan, ask your human resources representative or call the number on the back of your BCBSND member ID card.

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This tool is part of a comprehensive health and wellness platform, BlueElements, which focuses on six dimensions of well-being—physical, social, emotional, financial, environmental and professional.

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