Employee participating in the Omada program checking weight on black scale.

Diabetes prevention program—recognized by CDC to help stop/delay diabetes onset

Type 2 diabetes takes its toll on those affected with it. Our diabetes prevention program is recognized by the Centers for Disease Control to help stop or delay onset of the disease.

Offered in partnership with Omada Health, our program helps at-risk members make small behavioral changes that can lead to big results. It's worked for hundreds of thousands of people.

How it works

With the Omada program, participating individuals:

  • Take a short assessment about current habits, lifestyle preferences and health-related goals
  • Get a personalized lifestyle management plan created specifically for them
  • Are paired with a health coach who offers ongoing encouragement and accountability
  • Get weekly interactive lessons around lifestyle habits that affect their diabetes predisposition—things like food, activity, sleep and stress
  • Have access to online peer groups for camaraderie, idea sharing and sometimes friendly competition
  • Track progress through a connected electronic scale and a smartphone app, both included in the program

The diabetes prevention program is covered at 100% for employees and adult family members enrolled in BCBSND group health plans.