Expecting? Take advantage of Prenatal Plus

Get some extra support during your pregnancy with the BCBSND Prenatal Plus program.

After you’ve had your first prenatal doctor visit, sign up in your online Member Services portal* and take advantage of: 

  • Prenatal care advice
  • Guidelines for alcohol and pregnancy
  • Help in preventing preterm labor
  • Information on taking folic acid
  • Help to quit smoking during pregnancy
  • A checklist of what to take to the hospital
  • Information about caring for a newborn


Special help for a high-risk pregnancy

If you're identified as being at increased risk for delivering a premature or low birth-weight baby, you'll receive one-on-one help from a BCBSND case manager to navigate the health care system and to increase the likelihood of a healthy pregnancy.


*Don’t have an online Member Services account? Register today to manage all your BCBSND information.