The big impacts of small, everyday acts of kindness

In today’s “hustle” culture, kindness is a value often overlooked. Yet imagine a world where we all did a few more selfless acts each day. Think about how much our collective well-being would improve. The good news is it’s easy to get started today.

Eight ideas for random acts of kindness 

1. Smile and call people by name
Emotions are contagious. Pass off good vibes and make someone feel recognized by using their name.

2. Keep a box of granola bars in your car
Hand them out to homeless people you see around town.

3. Give one compliment a day
Even saying “It’s a pleasure to see you” can make their whole day brighter.

4. Tip over 20%
Service industry workers deal with a lot. Next time a waiter or barista makes you smile, leave them a few extra dollars and a thank-you note on your receipt.

5. Stop and chat with an elderly neighbor
They will appreciate the company more than you think. Have older relatives? Give them a call this evening and check in.

6. Coffee with a stranger
Next time you stop in for a latte, sit with someone who’s alone. Even brief human connections are shown to improve our moods.

7. Email an old teacher
They’ll love hearing what you’re up to these days. After all, they were part of your journey!

8. Simply listen to someone who needs to talk
Hear them out fully. Remember, an anagram for “listen” is “silent.”

Bring kindness to work
A recent study showed kindness from both leaders and coworkers leads to more satisfied, productive employees. Heavy-handed leaders, on the other hand, tend to sap energy and well-being.

Instead of asking colleagues general questions like “How are you doing?” ask, “Is there anything I can help you with?” or “How’s life outside of work?”

Be intentional
It’s hard to look at ourselves objectively and ask, “Am I a kind person?” Try setting goals and tracking your progress. Keep a journal to jot down daily acts of kindness.

Know that every act can trigger a chain of kindness that spreads across the world.

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