Use the healing power of nature

Father and son having piggyback ride and having fun in nature on earth's day.

A love of nature is rooted deep in our genes. Despite this, so much of life and work happens indoors on smartphone or computer screens. Find new ways to channel the restorative powers of the great outdoors. Then take it up a notch by taking care of our environment for future generations—consider gathering your neighbors for yearly park cleanups or simply pick up any trash you see on your next outdoor walk.

6 ways to increase your well-being with nature

1. Ground yourself
The practice of physically connecting with the Earth is shown to reduce pain and inflammation. Even taking a daily walk through your nearest park can do wonders for your mood.

2. Go forest bathing
In Japan, it’s common for people to bask in nature just as we Americans would go sunbathing.

3. Bond with nature and each other
State and national parks make great vacation destinations. Foster feelings of connection by bringing your family out for a hike or other excursion.

4.  Get your hands dirty
Something about digging in rich, black soil just feels good. Think about starting a small garden with veggies to eat or flowers to brighten up your home.

5. Keep a nature journal
Try collecting notes, sketches or reflections on the time you spend outside. This is a great way to carry nature’s positive vibes with you.

6. Bring the outdoors in
Plants can lift the mood of your indoor spaces and add a sense of comfort.

The next best thing
Many who work from home have already discovered the relaxation of taking work outside. Yet even in an office you can get a dose of nature by sitting near a window or hanging nature photos around your desk. 

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