Prescription Drug Plan Options

Most of the time your Original Medicare coverage will not include prescription drugs. A Prescription Drug Plan (PDP) from BCBSND will help you cover the cost of your medications.

MedicareBlue Rx offers:

  • Three plan options – Select, Standard and Premier
    • Plan offerings from a low-cost premium to comprehensive drug coverage
  • Coverage for generic, brand name and specialty drugs
  • A nationwide pharmacy network
  • Lower prescription costs at thousands of preferred pharmacies nationwide
  • Coverage that can be paired with Original Medicare and a Medicare supplement insurance (Medigap) plan
  • Prescription mail order service

Will my prescriptions be covered? 

MedicareBlue Rx covers a large list of drugs (or formulary), selected for their value and effectiveness. It does not cover every type of prescription drug. If the MedicareBlue Rx formulary does not match your prescriptions, it might not be the best plan for you.

Estimate your drug costs:

Enter your zip code, enter your drugs and find your pharmacy to get an annual cost estimate. This includes premium, copays and coinsurance.


  1. Enter your zip code
  2. In preferences, select prescriptions, enter your prescription, select add and then continue
  3. Pick a pharmacy from the list provided, select add pharmacy and continue