5 ways to save on prescription drug costs

Ask your doctor for a 90-day supply of your meds to save you money at the pharmacy. Learn four more ways to save on prescriptions.   

woman at a pharmacy turning in a prescription

If you've picked up a prescription lately, you've likely seen firsthand the high cost of medications. As a consumer, you're not helpless. These simple strategies will help you save at the checkout and will ultimately help contain the cost of insurance premiums.

1. Choose a plan that matches your prescription needs.
If you have a chronic condition or take many medications, try to avoid a high-deductible plan. You may pay a higher premium, but you'll have lower out-of-pocket expenses. Shop and compare plans now for the next enrollment period.

2. Buy generic.
The cost of brand name drugs average 80% to 85% more than their generic equivalents. So, what’s the difference? Beyond shape, color and packaging, not much. By law, generic and brand name drugs have the same active ingredient, strength, dosage form and route of administration. Generics are typically cheaper because their manufacturers don’t have the research and development costs or the marketing expenses. 

Generics save your health insurance company money, too. Why should you care? Because higher drug prices lead to higher insurance premiums. Check to see if your medication is available in a generic with our online pharmacy tool.

3. Shop around.
Rather than an automatic visit to the neighborhood pharmacy, compare prices using our online pharmacy tool. You may be surprised to see price differences between pharmacies, even for generics. To see how your specific health plan coverage changes for each medication, you are encouraged to log in to your online Member Services account.

4. Request a greater supply.
Ask your doctor to prescribe a 90-day supply of drugs rather than a 30-day supply. It will save you copays and trips to the pharmacy.

5. Get medications delivered.
Having medications delivered to your door can save you not only a trip to the pharmacy but also money. Use our online pharmacy tool to view delivery options and pricing.