This is Service. North Dakota Style 99.6% of North Dakota Doctors. 100% of North Dakota Hospitals. 10 Service Centers. #1 in Service 1000+ ND employees. 96% Member Satisfaction. 85% of hospitals and physiciansin U.S. Accepted in 200 countries worldwide Find a health plan that gives you more choice

Need more reasons to choose BCBSND?

It's Reliable

  • Claims are fast (98% within two weeks) and accurate (99% accuracy rate)
  • Claims paid and questions answered here in North Dakota


  • Online service center 24/7
  • Claims status available 24/7, online or by phone

Focused on Wellness

  • Disease prevention and management available automatically, no additional cost to you
  • Health Club Credit
  • HealthyBlue online wellness center
  • Prenatal Plus
  • Free worksite wellness materials

Award-winning Service

  • BCBSND is rated No. 1 among all Blue Plans, nationwide,* with advocates working on your behalf – whether online, on the phone or at a local office

* As measured by BCBSA Member Touchpoint Metrics, Sept. 2017