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When searching for doctors outside North Dakota, you will not have the option to select your network after you enter a doctor's name, geographic area or specialty. The results you receive will be BCBSND participating providers, but not specific to your network.


Out of State Doctors - BlueCard

If you're planning a trip, you don't need to worry about health coverage in case you become sick or injured while you're away. The BlueCard program allows you the freedom to choose a Blue Cross Blue Shield provider anywhere in the United States. The program is also handy for members who live outside of their Blue Cross Blue Shield service area. Members receive the same provider discounts as in-state residents.

How does it work?
When you're out of the BCBSND service area and need health care services, simply show your BCBSND identification card to any Blue Cross and Blue Shield doctor or hospital. More than 85 percent of all hospitals and health care providers nationwide are participating with a Blue Cross Blue Shield Plan, and all Blue Cross Blue Shield Plans across the country participate in the program.

Useful Resources
Use these resources or call 800.810.BLUE
Blue National Doctor & Hospital Finder
PDF IconBlueCard Program Guide
PDF IconBlueCard Program Guide (Español)
BlueCard Worldwide Hospitals
PDF IconBlueCard Worldwide International Claim Form

PDF IconNonpayable Provider List