Member Rights and Responsibilities

As a Member you have the right to:

  • Receive impartial access to treatment and/or accommodations that are available or medically indicated, regardless of race, color, religious creed, handicap, ancestry, national origin, age, or sex.
  • Be treated with respect, dignity and privacy.
  • Privacy of your personal health information that BCBSND maintains in accordance with federal and state laws.
  • Be informed about your health condition and to receive information regarding treatment options and their risk in order to make an informed choice regardless of cost or benefit coverage.
  • Participate with your health care providers about decisions regarding your treatment, including the right to refuse treatment.
  • Make recommendations regarding this member's rights and responsibilities statement.
  • File a complaint or an appeal about your health plan or the services it delivers. You may do so by contacting BCBSND Member Services at the number on the back of your member ID card.
  • Receive information about BCBSND, its products and services, its participating providers, and your rights and responsibilities.

As a Member you have the responsibility to:

  • Know your health plan benefits and requirements.
  • Timely advise BCBSND of any changes that affect you or your family, such as a birth, marriage/divorce or change of address.
  • Provide the necessary information to your health care providers needed to determine appropriate care.
  • Follow the treatment plan prescribed by your health care provider.
  • Timely provide BCBSND the necessary information to process your claims and provide you with the benefits available to you under your plan.