Well child visits?

Why see the doctor when your child isn't sick? Read what happens at well child visits. 

Obviously, when your little one is sick, seeing a doctor is a natural reaction. But why visit a doctor when your child is healthy? The American Academy of Pediatrics has identified some pretty good reasons to schedule well child visits. And, preventive visits are a benefit covered under your health plan.

Preventing illness and disease

Through regular visits, your pediatrician or primary care provider gets to know your child and he or she is more apt to be current on immunizations and able to avoid illness, now, and in the future. It’s also a good time to get credible answers to your questions.  

Tracking growth and development

Is your child on track? Well child visits are a great opportunity to check on key growth, social and developmental milestones.

Raising concerns

Regular office visits are a great time to talk with your provider about raising your child in a healthy way. Keep a running list of things you want to discuss—things like sleep, behavior, eating, getting along with others, etc. Keep your questions in your phone and bring up the top three to five issues at the beginning of the office visit.

Taking a team approach

Think of your child’s provider as part of your “community.” A team approach benefits everyone, especially your little one.

When should my child be seen?

Newborn to 15 Months
Continue yearly well visits into adulthood

What exactly will happen at each visit?

In addition to tracking growth and development and discussing any concerns, your provider will make sure your little one is current with any immunizations or vaccinations.