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Rocking resilience: Bouncing back from setbacks to catapult your success

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Rise, fall and stand tall with the power of resilience

Resilience is the ability to rebound from setbacks, learn from experiences and adapt to new challenges. Research shows resilience enhances work satisfaction, improves overall well-being and can be a make-or-break trait for success.

Not sure whether you have what it takes to call yourself resilient? Here are some characteristics that set resilient people apart:

  • Strong sense of adaptability
  • Positive attitude and optimistic mindset
  • Ability to problem-solve and find solutions in challenging situations
  • Willingness to take risks and learn from mistakes
  • Ability to persevere through difficult times
  • Openness to change and willingness to embrace new opportunities
  • High level of motivation, determination and drive to succeed

From setbacks to comebacks: How to build resilience and overcome challenges

Some people seem to be born with the ability to overcome setbacks, but resilience is a learned behavior. Take these steps to become more resilient and better equipped to face challenges.

  • Get connected. Building strong, positive relationships with friends and colleagues provides you with empowering support and acceptance in good and bad times.
  • Make every day meaningful. Do something that gives you a sense of accomplishment and purpose every day.
  • Learn from experience. Think of how you've coped with hardships in the past. Consider the skills and strategies that helped you through difficult times.
  • Remain hopeful. Accepting and even anticipating change makes it easier to adapt and view new challenges with less anxiety.
  • Take care of yourself. Tend to your own needs and feelings. Include physical activity in your daily routine, get plenty of sleep, and eat a healthy diet. Practice stress management and relaxation techniques such as yoga or meditation.
  • Be proactive. Don't ignore your problems. Instead, figure out what needs to be done, make a plan and take action.

Stuck on the road to resilience? Seek help to move forward and grow

While many people build resilience using their own resources and strategies, it can be easy to get stuck. When that happens, it’s important to seek assistance in developing an appropriate strategy for moving forward. Although you can’t control all your circumstances, with the support of loved ones and trusted professionals, you can manage and grow from life's challenges.

Level up your resilience and unlock your greatest potential

Life’s pressures can be overwhelming, but building resilience helps you manage and respond in a positive way. That leads to a happier and more vibrant life.

BCBSND offers a free resilience program through our partner, Learn to Live. It provides you with strategies to pinpoint your specific stressors and recognize unhelpful thinking, so you can take actionable steps toward changing your response to stress and unlocking a host of benefits. Visit the website or download our app (use the code BLUEND to get started). If you’re already a member, log in to your account to continue or start a new program.

This program is included in your health plan and offered to all employees and family members (ages 13+) at no cost!

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