Free health plan perks you may be passing over

What are you leaving unused in your health plan? Take a look at the hidden perks. 

If you’re like most people, you use your health insurance as if it were “sick” insurance. And certainly, part of its job is to provide security when you’re injured or ill. However, included in your health plan are plenty of benefits that help you live healthier now.

Preventive perks, most at no charge

Even if you’re one of those who typically avoids a doctor’s office, the benefits of preventive care should get your attention. A little upfront attention can save you from many chronic diseases, save you money and even save your life.

Many of the preventive care services included in your plan are free, meaning you won’t even have to pay coinsurance or a copayment. They include services appropriate to your age and gender. Among them are:

  • Annual checkups
  • Yearly women’s exam
  • Immunizations
  • Tobacco cessation programs (with some plans)
  • Screenings for:
    • High blood pressure
    • Diabetes
    • Colon cancer
    • Osteoporosis
    • Prostate cancer


Health & wellness benefits

Ever notice that each time you achieve a personal milestone, it spills over into other dimensions of your life? That’s especially true of health and wellness efforts. Success in meeting an exercise goal, for example, affects your home life, your work life, your social life and so on.

To help you multiply your successes, your health plan includes access to HealthyBlue, an online wellness center and mobile app that gives you:

  • Online workshops
  • Activity/workout plans
  • Meal planners and recipes
  • Trackers
  • Health challenges and rewards

Expecting? Prenatal Plus offers extra support

There’s no such thing as too much support when you’re pregnant. In addition to your coverage, Prenatal Plus provides some extra pregnancy management tools. And, should your pregnancy become high risk, BCBSND has resources to help you manage your care.

Incorporate wellness at your workplace

If you work full time, you spend a good portion of your waking hours at your workplace. Your insurance coverage can help make it a healthier place with:

  • Worksite Wellness— free tools and resources to start a wellness movement in your workplace
  • Educational workshops— opportunities to inspire your workmates to be the best, most healthy version of themselves  

If you’re not taking full advantage of your BCBSND health plan, why not begin today? Schedule a well visit. Explore the HealthyBlue online center within your member portal. Check out the worksite wellness tools. Just don’t leave these valuable benefits on the table.