Why you should choose a Primary Care Provider (PCP)

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Having health insurance is a great first step in your health care journey. The next best step is choosing a primary care provider (PCP). A PCP is your trusted guide. They offer personal support and help you navigate every season of your health.

Here is a list of benefits PCPs can provide:

1. Personalized care
Your PCP will get to know you as a whole person. They understand your unique medical history, family background and lifestyle. This allows them to create treatment plans and give advice for you.

With a PCP, you also have a steady point of contact who knows your story. This can save you time and make it easier to visit a specialist, should you need one.

2. Proactive prevention
Your PCP can help catch potential health problems early. Regular checkups allow them to monitor your well-being over time to spot any changes to your overall health. This can help them see any symptoms of a new condition, too. From there, they can suggest preventive measures.

3. Access to specialists
When you need more specialized care, your PCP can refer you to the right specialist. They can also coordinate your care across different disciplines such as cardiology, dermatology, general surgery, family medicine and many more.

4. Managing Chronic Conditions
Chronic conditions often need ongoing monitoring and adjustments. Your PCP is your partner in managing your condition, providing medication management, lifestyle guidance and emotional support.

5. Cost savings
Preventive care with your PCP can help prevent costly emergencies and hospitalizations. Moreover, PCPs often offer affordable services and can work with your insurance plan to help find options that work with your coverage.

Finding a PCP for your needs

Choosing your PCP is a personal decision. We recommend using our Find a Doctor Tool to get started. From there, you can look for someone you feel comfortable talking to and works well with your insurance plan.

Your PCP is your partner for achieving your best health and well-being. By investing in this relationship, you can get one step closer to a happier and healthier life.