DakotaBlue | Trinity — An affordable tiered-network plan

Tiered-network plans have lower out-of-pocket costs and high quality care from providers in the Trinity Health System.

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Affordable care

Lowest out-of-pocket costs in the Trinity Health System, including up to 15% lower premiums*

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Tiered access

Flexibility to get care from other providers at an increased cost

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Virtual care

No cost within the preferred network

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Plans include valuable wellness benefits

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Individual & Family Plans DakotaBlue | Trinity

DakotaBlue | Trinity has high quality care and lower out-of-pocket costs.

Mom and son cooking pancakes together in kitchen.

Small Business DakotaBlue | Trinity

This tiered-network plan is a great value for small organizations (1-50 employees).

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Large Business DakotaBlue | Trinity

Cost savings and quality care come together with this tiered-network plan for large organizations (51+ employees).

*On average, premiums within DakotaBlue plans are up to 15% lower than comparable plans with more traditional network structures.