A Broad View of Health and Wellness

Every time you achieve a personal milestone it spills over into other dimensions of your life—your health, your relationships, your work. The reverse is also true.

With that in mind, BlueElements takes a broader view of health. It encompasses six elements of total well-being.


Blue Elements - Physical icon Physical
Getting through daily activities without undue fatigue or physical stress.
Blue Elements - Financial icon Financial
Understanding and managing finances to prepare for unforeseen challenges.
Blue Elements - Social icon Social
Establishing and maintaining positive relationships with others.
Blue Elements - Professional icon Professional
Getting professional fulfillment while maintaining work/life balance.
Blue Elements - Emotional icon Emotional
Understanding yourself and learning to cope with life's challenges.
Blue Elements - Environmental icon Environmental
Becoming aware of and creating surroundings that support a healthy lifestyle.


Every program or initiative within BlueElements fits along a continuum.

On one end of the spectrum are programs designed to keep members healthy.

The focus here is proactive in improving well being before an individual presents any signs or symptoms of illness or distress. Not only does it lead to a better quality of life, it is less costly for members.

Just as important, on the other end of the spectrum are programs that help members at high risk of crisis.

This type of care is typically more reactive to an accident, disease or other crisis. It's also more costly and disruptive to members.

At points in between are initiatives to meet individuals where they're at along the wellness journey.


Blue Elements Diagram