BCBSND is the Official Sponsor of Recess

Official Sponsor of Recess logoBecause we believe all North Dakotans should take time to move and play, we became the Official Sponsor of Recess in the state.

What Does That Mean?
It's our commitment to promote healthy physical activity and wellness for everyone in the state, at any age. It means we invest resources into:

  • Promoting opportunities for North Dakotans to engage in daily, healthy activity
  • Advocating for health and wellness
  • Supporting events and programs that encourage physical activity

Why Are We Sponsoring Recess?
Health care costs continue to rise as Americans seek more expensive medical treatment. One of the main contributors to rising health care costs is unhealthy lifestyles and inactivity.

Members throughout the state told us they expect us to lead the way in supporting health and wellness efforts. We listened and we are responding with efforts like these:

K-5 teachers across the state are moving more and learning about the importance of daily physical activity using our RECESS YES! kits.

Friday Night 5K
BCBSND is a sponsor of this popular part of the Fargo Marathon. This event gets walkers, runners, strollers and wagons moving along the route. More importantly, it gets people excited about physical activity.

Recess West Playground at the Mall
To give kids some healthy activity and play time during shopping trips, BCBSND sponsored the play area in the West Acres Shopping Center in Fargo.  The Recess West playground is free and open to kids any time the mall is open.

Other programs we sponsor to promote movement and healthy lifestyles include:

Health Club Credit


Worksite Wellness

Blue Elements header
This program is part of a comprehensive health and wellness platform, BlueElements, which focuses on six dimensions of well-being—physical, social, emotional, financial, environmental and professional.

Take time to enjoy being physically active

Take time to enjoy the simple pleasure of playing like a 10-year-old at recess.

Providing shoes to kids

Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota and Fargo Marathon 5K partner to help donate shoes to Fargo area kids.