How big?
Last year, BCBSND sent out so many EOBs, if you laid them end to end, the would cover the distance between Fargo and Sacramento, CA. (That's more than 1,300 miles.)

How Lofty?
In one year, we send enough EOB forms to create a fleet of 7.5 million paper airplanes.

How Green?
Last year, 900 full-grown trees were used in the making of BCBSND EOBs. (That's more than 7.5 million pieces of paper.)

How Monumental?
Stack them up and last year's EOBs would be as tall as the Statue of Liberty stacked on top of itself 17 times.

It's the law.
We're required to send you an explanation of benefits (EOB) form each time you use your health coverage, and that involves a lot of paper. But it doesn't have to. Electronic EOBs significantly reduce paper waste. Sign up for eEOBs today.

What else can you do online?

  • Change authorizations
  • Manage your member information
  • Check eligibility
  • View copayment information
  • And much more